The HCC WWW server

Dedicated to bringing you potentialy silly and/or pointless stuff.

We currently have:

  • What HCC dosn't stand for.
  • Why Macintoshes are EVIL.
  • The HCC answering machine (only one on internet?)
  • The trials of the HCC. (A list of our favorite problems)
  • The want list of the HCC.
  • The quotes of the HCC.
  • The HCC Hall of Fame
  • Bored with "The information superhighway?"here are some alternatives.
  • Road Trip!!!
  • Codecrafter's Homepage

    We currently point to:

    Microsoft is not the answer. Microsoft is the question. "No" is the answer.

    Jon Doroin
    Chris Grant
    Scott Hansen
    Tommy Johnson

    Please check out our server, a 386DX16 with 12 megs of ram, and about 300 megs of ESDI disk space. Its previous job was running a McDonalds, it now runs FreeBSD release 2.0, hense the name: McBSD.


    This WWW server is in no way assosciated with Concordia College, and should not be held responsible to be a voice for Concordia College, the student body as a whole, or employees of the College. This project is funded completely independently of the Computer Science department, except the Net connection, to which we are very greatful to have access.