At first, Concordia had a Hacker's Club. But due to lack of interest, it was disbanded. Then after a period of a few months, a few of us found ourselves in posession of a suprising ammount of hardware that someone had given us. To avoid the problem of having to divide the "haul" up between the people, we created a new organization to be the owner of the whole pile. That way, everyone could play with all the toys without hitting the "other person's stuff" taboo.

This new organization was the HCC. At first we told people what the acronym stood for, but then we decided it would be more fun to keep it secret. Concordia is a bit "authoritarian", and we wanted to do something mildly obnoxous that didn't break any rules.

We hope to become an official ACM chapter very soon.

About our logo:

It was created by Tommy Johnson with Xv, Xpaint and chromakey (a program which I wrote :-) from about 11:00pm to 5:30am using images of HCC computers, and Concordia computers. The background is the horsehead nebula, from a gif file I pulled off wuarchive. Cool eh? :-)

Charter members:

Current list of things that HCC dosn't stand for:

  • gus guessed Hackers Computer Club on Sun Mar 12 23:02:09 1995
  • tommy guessed testing... on Sun Mar 12 23:10:46 1995
  • gus@cobber.cord.edu guessed Heavenly Cute Cobbers on Wed Mar 15 09:19:46 1995
  • annonymous@nowhere.com guessed Haters of C++ ;-) on Tue Mar 21 00:17:56 1995
  • btomhave@cobber guessed How Come Concordia? on Thu Mar 23 08:14:09 1995
  • btomhave@cobber guessed Has Cobber Crashed? on Thu Mar 23 08:14:47 1995
  • btomhave@cobber guessed Huge Cheap Computers on Thu Mar 23 08:28:25 1995
  • btomhave@cobber guessed huge clunky computers on Thu Mar 23 08:28:56 1995
  • hcc@heaven.com guessed Under NDA :-o on Mon Mar 27 07:51:51 1995
  • koss@gate.net guessed have computer conection |] on Thu Mar 30 14:10:54 1995
  • koss@gate.net guessed http codecrafters on Thu Mar 30 14:12:26 1995
  • gus@cobber.cord.edu guessed Hackers of Concordia College on Thu Mar 30 16:23:33 1995
  • adlarson@singnet.sa.ndsu.NoDak.edu guessed Horney Computing Cobbers on Fri Apr 7 15:25:37 1995
  • lenoch@acc.jc.edu guessed Hacker's Computer Club on Sat Apr 8 03:06:14 1995
  • mestery@cobber.cord.edu guessed Hungry Concordia Cobbers on Wed Apr 12 00:05:02 1995
  • unekis@edcserver1.cr.usgs.gov guessed Hackers Computer Conglomerate on Mon Apr 17 15:57:13 1995
  • mestery@cobber.cord.edu guessed Holy Computer Crosses on Wed Apr 19 23:49:22 1995
  • hines@gdc.com guessed Hillarry Clinton's Club on Mon Apr 24 19:31:10 1995

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