I don't know if this is directly related to the NS. Savannah or not.

Hawkin' Round the Vessel

Key of 'G'

Hawkin around the vessel
See what I can see
Gotta find another job
for good ole' I and E.

Hawkin round the vessel
See what I can do
Gotta find another job
for good ol' Walt to do.

Boys while we're restin'
Things will start to swink
Hawk says! I've got to get
To the bottom of this thing.

Bilges they need pumpin'
work 'em till the're dead
Hawk says ! I'm gonna
bring it to a head.

Now the ships' been rebuilt
Trip is at an end
Soon they'll be another crew
to rebild it again.

Swoopin' in the sunset
We will not forget
When the Hawk is back again
To the bottom of it we'll get.

Soon some feet are on the deck
Things are not the same
No one in the engine rrom
Knows the name of the game.

Now we're back at sea again
THE man is in command
P. Bag back in Hoboken
Don't know where we stand

Hawkin' round the vessel
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My text copyright 2020 Tommy Johnson, all rights reserved. I believe the Savannah documentation is property of MARAD or the US government.