Equipment Failure Procedure

SA-24 Sampling System 10/22/62

A. Fission Product Monitor Becomes Inoperative

B. Continuous Flow Cannot Be Maintained Through First Or Second Loops

NOTE: This situation may exist where a small leak, but not a serious leak develops, or for a similar reason. Also, the leak must be such that does not create a radiation hazard.

C. Inability to Return Flow From First Loop to Ion Exchangers Or Return Flow From Second Loop to Buffer Seal Tank

D. Radiation Monitor Becomes Inoperative

E. Conductivity Instrument In First or Second Loop or pH Instrument in First Loop Become Inoperative

F. Inability To Obtain Samples From the Equipment Drain and Waste Collection Tanks.

G. Loss of Ventilation For Sink Hood

NOTE: This situation may cause an increase in radiation hazards when working in the sample sink.

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