The intersection of Route 7 and Lisle Ave, in Falls Church suffers from a truly breathtaking frequency of illegal uturns. I make that turn every day, and while I'm waiting for a cycle or two to make a left onto Lisle, I will see several cars making an illegal uturn, at least every third day. (The seem to do it in bursts)

So, I propose the following rules for Uturn Keno:

This could be automated using the same technology used for red light cameras. Then, put on the web, or on a dedicated network like the Keno operated by the Maryland state lottery.

Or, the police could either enforce the law or get rid of the no-uturn. Personally, I'd rather the no-uturn be there, people making the right onto 7 from Lisle are a bit difficult to see from the left turn lane in question. (not that people seem to even try to look..).