So this week I got a notice of cancellation from StateFarm insurance for my car insurance. After eight years, two cars, and about $8000 in premiums, plonk. "To continue this policy would be adverse to our business and economic purposes."

Here's the story... When I got my driver's license, someone made a typeo, and while the license had one number on it, the database had another. They differed by a single digit. A few years later, they noticed, and sent me a correction card, and eventually I renewed my license and it was corrected.

But StateFarm had the old number. They noticed a few months ago, and called me. So I returned their call, gave them the new number, everyone noticed the single digit error, and moved on.

Unfortunately, StateFarm's left hand doesn't know what its right hand is doing. The stated reason for cancellation of my policy is that I hadn't told them my correct driver's license number. They called me, I returned their call and gave them the number, they stopped calling. There isn't much more I can do than that.

They included a form that I could fill out to appeal the cancellation. I would probably succeed. But you know, I would be a fool to do business with an organization which does not want my custom. And the annoyance of appealing is probably greater than the annoyance of replacing them.

So, in my experience StateFarm Insurance has the records keeping capabilities of a toddler, and continuing my Home insurance policy with them "would be adverse to my business and economic purposes."

So then I called my StateFarm person (monday), and asked what was going on. She was suprised, expressed the opinion that she had taken care of that, asked what the date of the cancelation notice was (I have both a renewal and a cancelation notice), and said don't worry about it.

I'm worried about it.