Interesting things I have heard, the adventure continues

Interesting things I have heard, part n

"Like... I'll walk into the store... and see it... and say... Yeah. This is the one. And I will reach into my wallet, and bring forth plastic, and it will be mine." -Locobunny

"Ok, see how fast our cache is? Look, the GUI is blue." -Annup

"What machine? Oh you mean the one which looked like a taxi. No we havn't tried it, someone was driving it aound in the parking lot." -Annup (about a cacheflow proxy cache)

"Whoa. That was one of the neater 404's I've had in a while..." -Loco
Someone was sharing a URL, sortof...

"exception error at fret 17: core dumped." -Loco
Unix and music make an odd mix.