Interesting things I have heard, the adventure continues

Interesting things I have heard, part n

"You're really serious arn't you?"-John
"Well this was an exersize in futility." -Win
Various opinions on Paul and I's adventure installing NetBSD on Boris the Mac.

"You know, phosphor is reusable, you can make them as large as you want..." -Win
Ok, so my default font is a bit on the small side...

"A thing of pop? You mean a can, right?" - Biscuit
heard on IRC... well, maybe you had to be there.

"This is supposed to be the happiest time of your life, arn't you happy?"-Ghaleb
"Yes, I'm estatic, can't you tell?"-Neill
"Well sortof, but..." -Ghaleb

"People are slashing their wrists over this, jumping out of buildings, taking Simulation at Virginia Tech..." - Dr. Jacobson, instructor of Simulation, on the stock market

"This thing dosn't do anything for spagetti sauce" - Jim
"I think the're supposed to attract dust" -Jim
"You mean like a monitor in a rag?" -LocoBunny
While dusting a keyboard with a weird green static duster.

"Big stupid obnoxous heavy thing..." -Jim
Heard while moving big stupid obnoxous heavy furnature.