Interesting things I have heard, the adventure continues

Interesting things I have heard, part n

"How did we get on this topic?" -Dr. Balchi

"Georga? That state smells!" -Scott
The conversation continued on to discuss the Dukes of Hazard.

"Don't Miss." -Tom on formating hard drives (specificly, the correct SCSI ID).

"my tunnel device, uh, caved in." -Jim
Jim's PPP demon died.

"I think I use too many ellipsis..."-Tom

"Why is that tree glowing?" -??
"Its an anime tree, they all glow." -???
Overheard at VT Animation Society meeting.

"What is pink lemonade" - Ashish
"Its lemonade that is pink." -Lucio
"How to they make it pink?" -Ashish
"They put food coloring in it. (..the kind that causes cancer...)" -Rod, Craig (togather)
"Oh... Not like they embarass the lemons then squeeze them..." -Ashish
During Lunch at Sharkys.

"What time do we quit?" -Dr. Nance
"Any time you wish." -Dr. Balci
"Alright, you have just heard your sentence." -Dr. Nance (to the class)

"How about you shut that door? They're going to kill me." -Dr. Arthur.
During 6704, just as he was really getting into it.

"I shouldn't say ______, we were at "Organization X"." -Dr. Arthur

"I wish I was a graduate student." -Dr. Arthur
Bemoaning how hard professors have to work. Ok, so it isn't very funny, but it has too much potential to come back to haunt him.

"Theres something about watching the sun come up that I just don't like." -Win

"Life is..." -Marc
"That interlude between URL's." -Win

"My other motorcycle is in pieces, too." - Jim (in his .plan)

"Make code, not war." -Jim
Attempting to avoid an OS war on IRC...

"I saw a play in London... Whats that fucking circus called?" -James
"Picadilly" -James,Tommy

"Its that nasty looking thesis font. Theres special subliminal curves and angles in that font which put you to sleep." -Jim
Contemplating the font found on a LaTeX document.

"If you can not open it, you should not come in." -Ghaleb
Commenting on someone failing to open the lock on 110.

"That door is crazy! Its not my fault!" - person who could not open the door.

"Friday, 18, April: Tommy overheard saying "I need the encrypted terminal." Ulterior motives suspected." -Paul

"Oh great, where'd that pull out of?" -Win
Overheard while disassembling macs.

"Netscape killed my Xterm! And people wonder why I don't like it..."-Tommy
While attempting to setup a cache autoconfig file. (the mmm browser is much more fun...)

"Don't worry, the core courses have been abolished, its safe to come back now." -Ghaleb
Said to someone who was thinking of comeing to VT for grad school.

"Bozo is a space cadet!" -??
Name/context withheld to be more mysterious. (and protect the guilty I guess...)

"So are you going to continue your studys in prison?" -Win
Farooq had just been caught speeding...

"Its like computing in slow motion"-Paul
(at this point, Tommy threatens the machine's http server with a browser)
"No, please don't do anything to load the machine further"-Paul
Heard while Paul was attempting import the ETD web site into Microsoft FrontPage web server on a Windows 95 machine.