Quotes up till the end of 2007

Yes, I was feeling lazy with the markup...

oh dear...  hang up and bike! -Drabek
(on a biker riding by on the phone)

Ahhh pictures taken in a place that has fall...  in Texas we have only summer and january. -Drabek
How long does January last? -Protius
(about 2 weeks)

Aparently zort is AC and vop is DC. -protius
yea, because zort has that 60 hz hum in it. -GS

shoot don't shoot... never assume a camera isn't loaded!  I was just cleaning it and the shutter went off! - GS

You know about the Dan effect, right? -Protius
yea... -Drabek
And you know about how we were talking about night vision stuff yesterday? -Protius
yea... -Drabek
This is a night vision scope. -Protius
(shuffeling through Dan's stuff)

I think enough of my brain has been sucked out to releave the pressure... -Drabek

Its a happy little depressed song! -GS
(on the austin lounge lizard's performance of dark side of the moon)

I have no idea how to spell your name.... I know it has a z in it. -Kelar
(to zorfan (or something like that...))

so if ac is zort and dc is vop., whats the sound of a proper flash capacitor going off? -Tet
Boom? -Proti

And my evil plan... wrong evil plan.... anyway some evil plan... GS
(shuffling through some stuff)

Oh just stick a toothpick in it...., or stick a ferret in it... -GS
  (Tet was attempting to determine if a fan was running)

I have a pen knife with a temperature gauge. -Tet
in case your knife overheats? -Proti
So if over clock my knife I cn now how fast I can go... -Tet

I feel like I'm at a teacher's union. -Nick
No, we're actualy doing stuff. -GS

My god, I just heard "death trap may be the right tool."! -Tet

But sleep  is boring... -Tom
You're having the wrong dreams! -Linda

No, what you see on tv is guessology.  what they actually do is far more ludicrus. -G
(on meteorology)   

Somebody introduced me to them... I'm not sure what I did to deserve that... -Deneb
(on his sane friends)

I'm a gymnist! -Tet
and the unmount! -Proti
*poing* -Tet
no, the dismount, you're thinking disks. -Tet

... we have an abundance of meats and televisions... -KT
(context unknown...)

memories going... -unknown
memories gone! -Tigercowboy

I'm not used to currosive fumes coming off my food... -Bearcat
(discussing hot sauces)

dude!  can we borrow your car to get some medecine
medecine and alchol are not the same thing!
I would liiiike tooo borrooow your au-toow-moo-bieeeele!
(overheard on frs)

Our ability to catch it is severely limited by your ability to throw it.  -Proti
(on a foam boomarang)

See?  I needed those 10 pixi stix!  -Paddlefoot

You know you're a geek when your hobby comes with a bill of hazardous goods. -Tet

Must you?  -Dellar
I must.  -Bearcat
Aparently, he must. -Proti

I tanned my feet. -KJ
(while biking...)

KJ: *grab* *grin*
other guy: you need a helmet to hold that... and a written permision slip...
GS: tool so big it has a sight on top.
KJ- definatly an impressive piece of equipment.  Aparently I looked scary holding it.
(on a monster hammer drill)

Adam: Since when have we done anything right on the shed?  I mean, why start now?
(on Kelar's shed)

I have been meaning to look up its maximum current rating and... come very close to it. -GS
(on his bright LEDs)

Ok, so the white russian which is pure vodca is too strong... -Doug
Do not breathe near open flame? -Steve

So does that mean I'm Emperess? (of VA) -Trixi
No.  Concubine... -Tet
auhhhh...  Cool!  - Trixi

bwuahahaha...  -Tet
What are you doing?  -Trixi
Cackling.  -Tet, Proti

Its like I'm wearing a small room. -Packrat
(on how hot a fursuit is)

These don't rattle like the other ones! -unknown
(on the FC elevators)

Yay!  Lets go fling shit at people! -Trixi
(on being born in the year of the monkey)

that. bat. has. cleavage...  -Tet
I approve! -Sirfox

Why am  hiding behind the guy who is trying to grope me? -Frostdemn

*plonk!*  I rolled a one... -Tet
(he had just dropped his fork)

And I'm going to find out very quickly why I need superglue... -kelar

That was a sequel... that means they made another one... -Tet
(on Ms Congeniality 2)

Oh, you have a laser under the couch. -Proti
Yes I do, I had forgotten about that... -Graysoul

About the only thing I get at Radioshack anymore is the realization that I an in the wrong store. -Protius
(on how they no longer sell components)

never give up -Robots
never surrender -Tet, Proti
to infinity and beyond -GS

I was dutifly working on the power supply, and managed to throughly frighten myself. -GS
too much voltage? -Proti
No.  Way too mobile. -GS

I put on a girdle for no one!  And for no reason! -Kes (IRC)

so... what is shepards pie? -Fire
you see, they take german shepards, grind them up, and put it in a pie. -Kelar
All of it, or just the interesting parts? -Fire
Mostly the fur. -Kelar

Real men do not use pink surface plates. -Bearcat (on granite surface plates)

*squeek*  arg!  I will not be beaten!  *squpbbhb*  Argh! -KJ
You are being beaten,.. -Proti
*sqweeeeep* *inflate*  Ha! I had forgotten how annoying these things are. -KJ
(trying to inflate a baloon)

Scientific progress goes boink? -Bearcat
(quoting Calvin and Hobbs)

That appears to be a pile of ultra 1's.... -Drabek
Yes, it is a pile of ultra 1's.  Need one? -Proti

"Doing evil.  please knock." -sign  on Michael's door

*smoke* - the apparatus
The resistor is not happy..  -Drabek
push it push it! -GS
... - The apparatus

So if parts of it are unknown,how do they make it?
(on marvel mystery oil, where several of the contents are listed as unknown by the msds)

But that would be movig parts, and you know what I think of moving parts... -Bearcat
yea, like that one *spin* -GS
oooh... -Bearcat

OH wow... that was a good one... -GS
(on Mejeep's psycotic plastic swatch book)

Hi big green guy! -kid to fursuiter at PG's picnic

Are these burgers rare? -unknown
No, you can get them anywhere! -unknown
(at the PG picnic)

You're lost?  Where are you?  -GS
(to Kody)

The word is cantilivered.  -GS
(explaining his invisable furnature to Kody)

My freezer contains film and  burbon.  -Tet
The two essential ingredients for any photographer. -Nick

Dan, do you know how to supercharge a microwave?
...well, the technical answer is yes..  but it's not worth it.  -Dan

I don't trust acronyms.  They stand for things. --Kes
(on MSDSs)

Those aren't rocket science.  We can do rocket science... -Sparta on IRS documents

Found a sixpack... and another one too.  -Johnny
(shopping for eggs... and beer too)

It's sortof like hell here... -Danialle
(on the new river valley mall)

Whats that?  An albino carrot? -Johnny
(on meetng a parsnip)

Eugh... smurf porn does not need to exist.  I mean I can live with my little pony porn but... -Kody

Look!  its a sonic orgy! -unknown (showing a laptop display)
Yay! --the room

Leave this alone!  If you're cold get a blanket, or put some clothes on! -sign on Rob's thermostat

Well, should we go back to the lab?- Graysoul
Which one? -TJcoyote

Will work for itunes. -Meejeep
(on a pan handler at a light who had a nice walkman)

I heard  it was one big yiff-fest. -Graysoul
It wasn't. -Mejeep
Darn... -Graysoul
(on Feral)

You can buy better, but you can't pay more!
(alleged moto at IBM)

You're eating a lot of sugar there...-Kody
I am... and its working too! -GS

Thats the problem with  nanometers... They're small... -Proti

I read it for the articles! -Michelle, on the Oprah Magazine

We should watch starwars- unknown 1
yea! -unknown 2
Oh god, please no. -Chris (LK)
you know theres no such thing as sex in Starwars... 

Ok, here's how it works... I give you a bag and you fill it... and if you need another one I tell you. -Michelle on issuing Chris some surplus cookies

well, they are just guessing at the frame rate, but this litte dial goes to 9... sorry, 10...  -GS
(on his new camera)

They are finaly inventorying all the stuff which has been there since we've been going... -GS
"Whats in here?  A shipment of ice for tthe bicentenial." -Proti
(on the richmond surplus auction warehouse )

Kick the dolly kick the dolly! -GS
(while moving a film printer)

Scary people ride the bus... some of them are even conscious.  -GS
(on the  cat bus, las vegas)

And now for my sanity check... -GS
How could we possibly pass one of those?-Proti
Tremendously relaxed requirements. -GS

do you have a problem with filmcans building up in your carpet? -GS
... -Proti
Thankyou... we'll be here all week. -GS

ohh... thats a girl doggy. -unknown
(on Harome Kitsuni)

hmmm... steel or aluminum... -GS
or copper? -Proti
or copper?   ohhhh... OR COPPER... -GS
(pondering flashing (and tesla coil primaries...))

I didn't have any of the rice... GS
Its a big crunchy. -Proti, Kody
*plink!* - the rice
Ohh... your right... -GS

Ok, what should we do now? -Zen
Whats wrong with just falling asleep? -GS
You know, we are truely pathetic... -Proti
(on an exciting fun-filled saturday night)

*ka-boom*  (shot gun)
Wow...  are there more? -Kody

They're doing something weird... -person at ace rental
(in response to wondering why we needed two engine hoists)

Whats the biggest flash we have? -Proti
I have that 1500W one.  -GS
We do need to worry about eye-safe... -Proti
ok.... -GS

pirate trig... pi ARRR squared

Why do I feel like a babysitter? -Innerwolf
(at mfm 10)

Are you born before or after 1960? -Mejeep
Neither. -Jbadger

Whats that?- some kid
A bouncy ferret.  ferrets bounce, or at least this one does... a lot... -Tjcoyote
(on Mejeep)

It won't reheat well. -GS
But is 't it mush anyway? -Kody
(on his leftover dinner at Don Pablo's)

It hasn't exploded in almost an hour. -Dan
(on a 2" vcr he was restoring)

hmm... combine Texas Chainsaw massacure with Open Seasson? -Proti
Squirells with chainsaws!  -GS

developer, wash, bleach, dan... -GS
(on where he lives)

Its like malt  and dustbunnies... -Kody
(on jones turkey and gravy pop)

I am an airman.  I have no responsabilities.  -a member of our armed forces

non poisonous,   non-exposive non-flamable... how can it work? -GS
(on a chemical  metal surface hardener)
apple monitor: free or best offer
(sign at frostfest)

The part of the american west was played by Australia. -GS 
(on Ghost Rider)

I think I have a 2 by 4, it might be sharper. -Proti
Let me try this banana.  -Kody
(on my patheticly dull knives)

The five second rule does not apply to liquids. -KJ

I made the mistake of ordering the chocolate cake at Joes.  I saw it coming and thought it was going to give me a migrane. -KJ
Was it worth it? -Proti
MmmmHmmm. -KJ

Did you run out of space? -GS
Nope... did you run out of stuff? -KJ
Nope. -GS

Assume a spherical furry of zero mass... oh wait... -GS
(While pondering spherical cows)

Happy birthday to... -group
Uh oh... call the riaa, unlicensed public performance of the happy birthday song! -Proti
Its ok..  they may have used the lyrics, but they didn't use any of the original notes. -GS
Thats an interesting point... Proti

My favorite screaming bunny story... -Canis anubus
Wait, you have more than  one? -unknown

I see fox.  Oh God, it moves! -unknown
(on a puppet)

It smells bad here. -cow orker
(someone's lunch went evil)

With a sufticient application of j-lube, nothing is squeeky. -KJ
Discussing the most famous product of Jorgenson labs (no relation)

Ooh, it has to think about this one. -KJ
Where did you ask it to take you?  -Proti
Lima, Peru. -KJ

VP in charge of nepotism. -ano
(pondering employers)

I don't like these pants.  Things keep popping out of my pants. ... My cellphone! -Kody

My drama meter just exploded. -GS

This is the highlight of the con.  Not the awsome porn I got, its the ball. -unknown
(on Kody's hamster ball)

I want you to run from me, it would please me, but do it slowly.-guy in the hamster ball

I watched the cash box, but it was very boring... didn't do anything.- unknown
(mfm registration)

My flash light dosn't work very well, on account that it is ultra-violet...-GS

ohhh, you hit the motherload! -unknown
Its on fire again!-unknown
Have any of those actualy worked? -KJ
(on a jiffipop)

I got the rest of the stew meat!  augh, what am I stepping on?-Digit
(at Kody's Kampout)

Lets go pet a cow!-unknown
(at Kody's Kampout)

Made in China, so there's no lead in the solder-- it was needed for Children's toys to be exported to  the US. -Drabek
(on a thinkpad keyboard cable)

You're looking at me as if you expect me to do something entertaining. -GS
I'm not entertained.  Try again. -KJ

Turn all the toggles to the up position, wait 5 minutes, push the button. -GS
(on how to turn on a 315m)