"I swear to God, you'll have a ferret on your twizzler." -Kelar

"The hot and sour soup is fine..." -Galen
"Oh, its soup? I thought it was coke" - Kelan
"... Its the drinking it out of a mug..." -Galen
On Tet drinking his hot and sour soup.

You are having less of a life more efficiently than me.

75 Smurfs died for your drink.

Look at the size of those JPEG artifacts! -Tom
Tom, anyone other than you. and I would be surprised. -Tet

Now that's a lot of happiness.

I'd like a single-cheek order of fat-ass fries please. -Graysoul

"Success is insufficient. I must dominate!!" -Graysoul

"I.ve got meat in my mouth." -Trixi

"Put some pants on idiot!" -Kes

Great idea... Poor execution...
Yeah... My ideas suck too.

I believe there is more fur down here than in my closet..

no nails please...
my brain is soft

"Light switches dont kill computers. People flipping light switches kill computers." -.Tet

"You know your a geek when you pipet your drink." -Tom
"I dont know weather to be afraid that I know what that means or not." -KJ

"What is my coffee table now?" -Tet

"I'm trying to figure out where it fits." -Kelar
"I think thats up to the user." -PG

"Alright who had the fake coke?"
-guy at Mongholian barbecue on PG's drink

"No, dont turn it on, don't turn it on!!"
TJ coyote on Graysoul's place

"Holy naked Christian schenanioan butter (tm)!"- Beigh

If you want to be cool, just reach in there and grab my zipper.

"Scoping for chickens... I knew I was in chicken ville earlier." -Kelar
(on the death chickens in Legend of Zelda)

"Yes, I'm a furry, no, you can't hump my leg." -Ekki
(on the state of furrydom)

"Woah this is the first time I don't need any hardware"
oh I do need some cat-5" -Tet

"you have achieved Nerdvana!" -KJ

"Oooo deep fried puppies. And for desert, kitten cake!"-Tet

"Its all about the wiggle" -Chris
(on KJ's bowling technique.)

"You blocked it! I got nothing but ass." -KJ
(While attempting to take a picture while we were bowling)

"Don't quote that! Shit!" -Tet
He had said: "My superior ass shall prevail in getting the seat!"

"Pay up or I eat you!" -Tet
(to protius's tea)

"I used to dress up like him except my stick was a lot larger." -Tet

"We're suffering from packet loss."- GS
"Well, its TCP, he'll be along soon." -Tet

"Long hard green and lumpy things!" -Pickle salesman

"Dan: laptop power Ethernet. Don't tell me you didn't think of it." Tet
(while contemplating a hammock-chair)

"We're going to hit you with a hot planet vs a cold one. Oh thank you..." -GS

"Tet don't break the elevator cable."-GS

"It curls up and dies crawls under the table and turns itself into a mac." -Tet

"A board teenager with a screwdriver would be very dangerous in the air." -Galen

"Alright who's being palmed?" -KJ

"So has he been hoarding your comics under the rack?"
"He's been hoarding my socks!" -Tet

"Couldn't he even put a color in front of a species?" -Pro "Puce orangatang!" -GS

when I was younger so much younger than today
I never needed java, it just got in my way
but now I'm older and I need a shopping cart...
and all these plug-ins tore my kernel half apart
(Loco and Ekki)

"Linnick Sweeney? Do we have a Linnick Sweeney in the house?" -Naysha

"...." -KJ
"Did you just say what I think you said?" -Tyrin
"What do you think I said?" -KJ
"You did just say what I think you said." -Tryin

"I see too many hands... in strange places." -KJ

"I can't take you seriously with a red spot on your forehead." -Karma (To Kes)

"like, die and burn in hell should be a valid argument for kill" - Ekki
"what does the -9 do?" -Terry
"but yah, unfortunately you have to say -9 instead" -Ekki
"-9 is "die and burn in hell" -Tommy

"It is difficult to kill lions... they don't have much memory." -KJ

Further Confusion:

"California confuses me...all the streets are straight." - ArrowWolf

"I can only do two a night... Ok?" -Trixi

"If I draw one more vixen, I'm going to need braces." -Hedgy

"Its a fucking concrete rubix cube!"
(on US route 101)

"We're like chloresteral we'll clog any walkway."

"Oh dammit its recording!" -Trixi

"That pen is blacker than black, its the sync-pen!" -protius
(This is an extremely obscure joke about NTSC video, it was funny, trust me. :-)

"Aww shit you videotaped it?" -Trixi

"dude like i can see your light oscillating!" -Tet
This was about the IR LED on my palm pilot.

"Ok I can get off now." -Trixi
"Pong!" -Tet

"Perhaps number four is a thumping with cheese." -Tet
(on the menu numbering at Togos)
"I'll hold your big long edible thing?"
"Can you hold mine too?"

"I see an hour here is not going to be sufficient... Triage!" -Graysoul
Heard at HSC surplus.

end of Further Confusion, back to normal (sort of...)

"A geek salad bar would be a glove box." -Protius

"They need to be beaten with a 2x4. Maybe a 2x4 isn't big enough..." -Protius
"How about a 16x9?" -KJ
"Arrrg...." -Everyone
(on how dvd stores 16x9 video as anamorphic 4x3.)

"We made a huge turbine powered whoopie cushion!" -KJ

"But the end would bwibwbw! It must be done!" -KJ
(Talking about putting a piece of dryer duct onto a blower.)

"That looked orgasmic. Don't do that again." -KJ (to Tet)

"Its a number so large its a thumbnail of infinity!" -Tet

February 2001 Allentown house party

"I will now distract you from that by showing you this." -Graysoul
"Oohh... Ack cut that out!" -Kes

(reading) "Plays well with self"....
Fuck I'll take that." -Dante

"Hello who are you talking to? When I play laser tag people lose eyes!" -Graysoul

"I'm not scareable, I've already seen the bathroom." -LK

"Its not like a great store of knowledge. Take cord cut end off attach to pickle." -LK

"Hey theres nothing wrong with... Oh my god I'm one of those people." -Kes

"Is leather babe 5279 there? Oh sorry thats the other chat room." -LK "Don't tell them my aol screen name!" -Kes

"Oh my god! You are Canadian!" -unknown, about mousepaws

"Its like eating elmers glue, but tastier." -Loco (on a failed potato experiment)

"You are so easy." -LK
"Uhm uhm uhm..." -Kes

"You are Jewish! You keep handing us food!" -Unknown on Loco

"Don't play with your doily." -Loco "I'm keeping my doily." -LK

Back to Washington...

"I'm going to stay in bed!" - unknown
"OK your going to Tet." -GS

"So what are we going to cook?" -KJ
ker-yoyo... -Tom
"The yoyo of decisiveness will tell us what to cook!" -KJ

"I did not test out of my childhood, however I did reach the cutoff age of 30, therefore I am an adult!" -GS

"I'm sorry" -KJ
"I don't believe you." -Tom
"You're right." -KJ

"I believe KJ weighs more than me now." -PG
"Is that because your loosing weight or because he's heavier?" -unknown
"Yes!" -KJ and PG

"Free air? Expensive air. Perriair!"-KJ

"It doesn't have a doorbell." -Tom
"Yet!" -KJ, GS

"Oh 5 or 8 times a day."-GS
"I'm doing it right now!" -Tet
"Ker-squick!" -KJ

Gooosh... (a bunch of water running off a tarp)
"Oh now I've got to go pee now from that sound" -Tet
"..." -GS
"I almost got a gram cracker spit take!" -Tet

"you know you're a geek when you don't know how many computers you have."

"What the hell runs on one amp?
That does!" -KJ

button idea: weird ar

"you can check out any time you like, but we'll ticket you." -GS

"De plane de plane!" -KJ
"De rasp de rasp!" -GS
"De crosscut saw De crosscut saw!" -Protius

"The case of the attractive wheat..." -Rigel (reading)
"Just because your not into it..." -KJ

"Scrubbing bubbles are great! They have weird chemistry from dow in them which can dissolve anything!" -GS

"hand me that cat5
3 sir!" -Tet
"Did anyone get it?" -Tom
"No!" -Tet

"it contains: your eyeball" -Tom "ooh neat!" -KJ (on a corner reflector)

"I would like to have e a Geiger counter, to see if I have anything radioactive." - Dan "I would like you to have one too." -Tom

"Is there anything else to do with reality?" -KJ
"sneak up on it, or avoid it?" -GS
"Sneak up on it, pounce it and yiff it!" -KJ

"That monitor doesn't believe in text mode! Thats why I paid $20 for it. Unless it was $50..." -Tom

"Can you get enough light through the paper?" -Tom
"*GRIN*What paper?" -GS

"wuuh... Its not good when you water your own eyes." -KJ
"Write that down." -KJ
"I'm busy screwing the switcher." -Tom
"Write that down too." -KJ
"It doesn't count when your trying." -Tom
"I'm going to go check my email, to refrain from saying anything else dumb." -KJ

"holey shit those things are orgasmic!" -KJ (on entmans chocolate donuts)
"now I've got him giggling." -KJ

"Wow I've been medicated!" -GS

"ker recline" -Tet
"I'd do that but I don't want the driver to pass out." -GS
"holy shit are you frying cabbage in your shoes?" -Tet
"Promise me you'll only use this power for good." -Tet

"Point snoring apparatus the other way!" -KJ
damn you KJ...-Tet

"its about the best definition..."
Squick: the noise your brain makes when it processes something you don't want to think about.

"Its pink. Its definitely pink."
"What the hell flavor is pink?" - KJ (on jones cola's flavor "Pink")

"ooh a switcher..."
Byummmm -Wacky mouse
(This is incredibly funny if you know what a swither looks like, and have seen Star Wars)

"If you inhale the napkin, it will stop you from coughing." -PG

"brain check! Thump..."

"I believe there are two green things in the freezer..." -Pro
"Yea but one of them is chicken..." -GS

"Mmm thats a big slice of cow. Oh take me now." -Tet

"This won't fit... I'll just gnaw on it a bit..."-GS
"oooh..." -KJ

"let me see even a stain." -KJ
"we didn't even get to see the blinking lights." -Tom
(after sitting in traffic for 40 min for an accident.)

"Are you sure you want to be on his brainwave?" -Tom
"What am I thinking?" -Tet
"Owww don't think that again!" -KJ

"Make that sound again... What is the sound of a script crashing..." -Tet
"kathorple..thmp..thmp.. thmp." -KJ

"I am officially stuck. I got my legs into a pretzel and they weren't coming out." -KJ

"Dan they are being evil again." -PG
"When did they stop?" -Dan

"Do you have your palm?" -Tet
"I have all 3 of them." -KJ

"Coherent testosterone" -KJ
(on Dan's laser)

"I am a duck. A sharpened duck." -Tet (having a bad zen day)

"Stop playing with my bits." - KJ

"I am still a duck..." -Tet

"Its not a stack. Its a linked list sorted by gravity." -Dan

"well... Hmmm" -Dan
"oh dammit we've started Dan again." -Tet

lair signage:
storatory (closet) -Tet
snoratory (dan's room)
computorium (machine room)

"Why is a beam called a beam?" -Tom
"laser or steel?" -KJ
"boat." -Tom
"checkmate." -KJ

"No, not about particle physics." -Graysoul

Button idea: if you are what you eat then monsters are people too.

Button idea: edited for species.

Button idea: Edited for content.

"oooh that makes my head hurt." -Tom
"Who wrote it?" -KJ
"I did." -Tom
"Thats not good..." - KJ

"pong pong..." -KJ (thumping GS's head with a beach ball)
"my brain is soft." -GS
"very marshmallowy. Lets toast it!" -KJ

"you fork sucker you!" -KJ
"what?" -GS
"well its got to be good for something..." -KJ

"I've been bugged! -GS
(on finding 2 identical yellow bugs, on each side of his car)

"Ahhh theres some more feet! Under the high voltage thing." -GS

Quotes 3

"well if you just gzipped the horde..." -KJ
"Its already about as compressed it will get. It needs to expand a bit." -GS
"Well mp3 it then." -KJ
"But thats lossy compression its just removing the useless artifacts!" -GS

"You can burn diamonds... Its just very hard to get them lit." -GS

"If you prepare for the worst, it will never come." -John Baddik

"KJ is that your moose? Get him out of here, and stop blushing." -GS
"oh take me now!" -Tet

"Oh take me now." -Tet
"You say that a lot Tet." -Tom
"Yea i'm still trying to get there and I'm hoping someone will just take me. -Tet

button for kage: i am not the Belgian

"I am fondling your cup." -KJ
"All right stop that, tis silly." -GS

"Why does it always have to involve an asshole?" -KJ

"I want a new duck." -KJ

"We went there yesterday." -KJ
"lick me rooboy." -Tet
"nyuuuah..." -KJ
"what what you do if he did?" -Tom
"Say "I deserved that"." -Tet

"Don't go there." -Tet
"Not got going there." -GS
"Continuing to not go there." -

"Did you start it this time?" -Tet
"No you did." -GS
"You mean I was evil and I don't even remember it?" -Tet
"You were so evil you're used to it and didn't even notice." -GS

"Considering we have put 2 miles between us and where we started..." -Smyrgol
"Its just part of the Graysoul exercise plan." -Tom
"Yep walk your ass off, literally." -GS

"This isn't working." -Tom
"No but it is failing gracefully." -GS
(on looking for Helgi)

"The salad was dead wasn't it?" -KJ
"yes, very..." -Tom

button: warning contains independent thought.

"Its a fat boy sandwich." -KJ
"Cause or effect?" -Tom
"Yes." -KJ
(on montecrisco sandwich)

"Well that took a week off my life." -Tet
"least it was off the end." -KJ
"Ironicly it was off of when i was 5." -Tet
"You'd die for a week, and then come back to life." -KJ
"The messiah sandwich." -Tet
(while discussing a montecrisco sandwich)

"Or did you not get the bell of enlightenment?" -KJ
(Tet explaining proxy servers to his mcse)

Bugs are made of some sticky ass shit. -KJ

To KJ: to go camping with 2 tvs and a microwave.

"No lead can withstand my ass!" -KJ
(after mongoing some lead plumbing)

stages of salad life cycle: edible, weird, scary, mobile.

"nyyum... I love zesty Italian." -KJ
"euugh.." -GS
(This is a reference to a Dilbert comic)

"KJing does not mean having a comfy couch." -KJ

" Now theres a proper bus.
sorry..." -KJ

"Home is just a place to put your legos." -Tet

"No best not never said. *guilt*" -Tet

"there is enough there to hurt your brain." -GS
(on infinity)

"It would be used to taunt me." -KJ
"We haven't even made it yet and its already being used to taunt you." -Tom

button: Caution contents may cause insanity.

Button: May contain nuts.

"He immediately assumed it was me." -KJ
"I wonder why..." -GS, Tet

"It only takes about 30,000 amps to start a grill on fire." -GS

"Hello!" -GS
"oh thats obnoxious!" -Tom
(on the acoustic behavior of a glass funnel)

"I'm not sure weather I'm making fun of you or Tet, but its still fun." -GS

"I have decided to go back and watch eva in its correct order... Randomly." -Crea

"Do you have any titanium?" -KJ "Probably yea, I guess." -GS

"Its not radioactive, as far as you know." -GS

"I want one of those." -KJ
"I have one of those!" -GS
(on a laser gun in power puff girls)

button: we are the wrong hands. -KJ

"I will forget it if...
I will forget it." -KJ

"I am fat guy. Hear me pant!" -KJ

"You are forbidden to write down anything where I insult myself." -KJ

"do you need a p133?" -GS
"I think i gave that to you." -Tet
"I think your right... Do you need it back?" -GS

"He was playing hard to get she was playing hard to want..." -Tet

Quotes 4

"I'm watching operation they are doing something cool and gruesome..." -Tet
"Yuck I don't even have to see it to get squicked." -Tom

"What the hell does this taste like? Guacamole?" -GS
(on KJ and Tom's most recent odd beverage purchase)

"They will want to see your cdrh variances." -GS
"Who is CDRH?." -Tom
"They regulate all laser installations over class 1." -GS
"what class is your laser?" -Tom
"4." -GS
"how many classes are there?" -Tom
"4." -GS
"Excedent!" -Tom

"Cheese is apparently flammable." -KJ

button: Duck sharpener (for Tet)

button: mosquito bait

button: free() your mind. malloc() is hungry.

Sysadmins dont just commit suicide. They take people with them.

button: down, not accross. Why are these stuck togather? -Tet
gnar! -KJ

come on KJ roo vhere are you? Its time to stop for gas now. Come on kj roo oh i see you. -Tet

Thats it? One wibble? -Tet
Well it was giving the couch good vibrations this morning. -Crea

hey the plates are hot... -Tet
-KJ Tom
now we must kill you. -KJ

good filk is one which makes you go paaah! -GS

If your food goes wuub thats bad. -KJ
(on spicey food)

You don't tell your cow orkers what to do with their windows boxen. -Tom
you mean "sit on it and spin". -Tet

This is extremely dangerous right now. But you can have some when it calms down. - GS
Does that conduct? -Crow

Hi can I have a very large iced tea please? -Tet

So who's little brother are you? -Chuck (to a classmate's kid, in denial at my highschool reunion)

my button. Not your button. -KJ

why are you looking at me like that! -Tet
because your response is so funny! -KJ Tom

You might not see food aoain soliger!
good! -GS (on MREs)

Sock it to me roobaby! -Mousepaws
eugh I didn't need to hear those words. -GS

I am not competative. I am just discusting. -Crea

its going now... Hehehehe -KJ
(on the fire)

1/4 cord of wood dosn't cost much.
it would take you forever to burn through it. In theory... -KJ
Is that a challange? -GS

ive got combustables, i've got combustables! -Tet

I am not amusing. -KJ
ha ha ha! -everyone

i can think clearly now the brains are gone. -Tet

Dan you stud! Take me now! -Tet

Not going there, not touching that. -Tet
thankyou your not allowed to touch that. -GS

i'm not sure which is more disturbing. Someone going around in a rabbit suit interviewing people, or the fact that there is two of them. -KJ

I dont know who the client is or what the acronym stands for, it is so much not mine! -Tet
(on a software release he isn't working on)

fire can be put out... Radiation is forever! -GS

Plenty of fat ladies singing... Those arn't ladies. -Tet

If I had a pint of mercury... And i did at one time.. We could do some freeking cool laser pointer stuff. -GS

I' m too cute to be evil! -KJ
Only the truely evil deny their evilness. -GS
Only the truely evil claim to be cute. -Tom

No playing with death right before dinner. -GS
Awww. -Tom

Don Barlow, inventor. -KJ
i'll make you an invention you can't refuse. -GS

That was not right. Please continue going there. -KJ

Which is more disturbing? the fact that i said it, or the fact that he tried? -KJ

I'm happy, dammit! -Tet (on finding a free loafing chair)

I'll have to time a make world when I get home... -Wacky
you know your a geek when you have different ideas of drag racing. -Tet

split ends!
Ker-prance Ker-prance Ker-prance !
Can you do anything for me! -Tet

button: i can't help thinking weird thoughts

You're the kind of person who would take an icecream scoop and butter, and go lick lick lick. -KJ
Your having way to much fun imagining that. Stop. -GS

Tet! Squilk the watress! -KJ
(on eating lemons)

Geeks getting high: 60 hz buzz -Helgi

aughh cow nose! -Tet
(on the rat race trailer)

Stand back im going to do something silly!-GS
that wasnt silly. -Tet
I failed.-GS

Those arn't ours... But we can fix that.-Tet
(on food at DB)

button: is there a plan?

You are poking me. Why are you poking me. -GS
Do you want me to do something silly?-GS
That was bizzare! -KJ
curses! Palmed again! -KJ

thunder! Lightning! -GS

Quotes 5 started here...

I believe the grass seed will sprout reguardless of how silly i am when i dispenseit. -GS

It is also quotes 5... -Tom
we say too much stupid shit. -KJ

the line was somcthing like "thats like saying regis is so hot." -Tet
Whats wrong with Regis? -KJ
Oh regis you hot -- wearing sob. -Tet
Take me now. -Wacky
That is my final answer. -Tet

You called it a giant bong? -GS (on the jacobs ladder)

I'm going to turn off my phone, and close the door of my cubicle with something sharp. -KJ
(on trying to get work done.)

I dont think anyone has the right to call me weird. -KJ
I think we will anyway. -Tom
Well it didn't stop anyone before. -KJ

What? you have to go hunting? -Tet
Eat me folfboy. -KJ
(on KJ's bellybutton)

There is only so much sugar as will disolve in water. The quantity which i call not enough. -GS

No science for you! -Tet

quick everyone stare at me now. -GS
Ok! -everyone
ok you can stop now. -GS

I have no idea where that came from. Im hoping theres nothing left. -Tet
don't go there anymore. -KJ

I like fursuits. -KJ
thats very interesting. -Eliza

It is clean, you could eat off of there!. -KJ
Bull Shit!-Tet
No it is not... It is much much worse. -KJ

Are you bored? -Tom
Whatever gave you that idea? -KJ
The blubbing noises actualy. -Tom
Curses foiled again. -KJ

No touchie the top no touchie the bottom. -KJ
the middle however... -Tom
No touchie the middle anyway. -KJ
what is the breakdown voltage of glass? -GS

Why do i get the feeling this piece of cheese is going to go away? -KJ
You are psycic! -GS
that is mine! KJ
ker-yoink. -Tom

button: got transparent dihydrogen oxide?

Add frosting to the list of things to remove from the carpet. -GS
i need to remove carpet from my fork. -KJ

i'm not going to write that. Its too disturbing. -Tom

Unfortunately i didn't realize I said it until after I said it. -KJ
(on the adjustable thing which you could adjust)

You havn't seen wrong until youve read transformers robot porn. -Tet
(ker-cringe) What does a brain anurism feel like? -KJ

Dan's pinball game. -Tom
warning! May cause death!-KJ

You know how to deal. -Galen
But i don't know how to shuffle! -Rigel

i think i'll run away screaming now.-GS
Sounds like a plan. -Crea
(on KJ's log splitting attempts)

Whats your orentation?
Mines straight. -Galen
In what direction? -GS

One of my aconplishments as a small evil child...-TJ
Now you are a large evil child... -KJ
Yes... -TJ
with money! -KJ

thankyou for sharing. SIGTMI! -KJ

*waving hammer* if i had a hammer i'd be dangerous...
ooh we can squish cans with the hammer -9! -KJ

Button for KJ: pyroo (with flames)

button: void where permitted

I spent an entertaining evening reading about nuclear physics. -Tom
Did you have any involvement? -KJ
I deny any involvement. He's the one who has deuterium on his desk. -GS

Card me! Card me please! I feel old. -Tet

who knows what evil lurks in the forest. -GS
Yea us! -Tet

I'm not trying to be different.. I'm trying to be normal and this is as close as I can get.. -GS

That is an evil concoction. -KJ
You have no idea. This may not have been a successful attempt. -Tom
(orange pop, and dr pepper)

you see people, we know how lame we are, so we dress like animals. -KJ

that it? -KJ (to sky)
gooosh! -KJ, Tom
(about a rain storm stopping)

I sentance you to death, for being icky! -KJ
(on a spider in his camper)

I am pyroo! Hear me sizzle! -KJ

Welcome back to there. -GS