record number: 1 recorder: mono-1 timestamp: Thu Dec 31 23:58:33 1903

test 1

record number: 2 recorder: mono-2 timestamp: Thu Dec 31 23:58:38 1903

test 2

record number: 3 recorder: mono-3 timestamp: Fri Jul 20 01:51:28 2001

test 3

record number: 4 recorder: mono-4 timestamp: Fri Jul 20 02:22:37 2001

test 4

what happened to duplicate mono-3?

record number: 5 recorder: Anon-1 timestamp: Sun Jul 22 03:18:31 2001

test 1
from color

record number: 6 recorder: mono2-1 timestamp: Thu Dec 31 23:58:52 1903

seq 1

record number: 7 recorder: mono2-2 timestamp: Thu Dec 31 23:59:07 1903

seq 2


record number: 8 recorder: color-9 timestamp: Sun Jul 22 17:03:32 2001


record number: 9 recorder: mono2-3 timestamp: Thu Dec 31 23:57:54 1903


record number: 10 recorder: mono2-4 timestamp: Sun Jul 22 17:07:44 2001

5:07 7/22/01

record number: 11 recorder: color-10 timestamp: Sun Jul 22 17:09:51 2001

5:09 7/22/01

record number: 12 recorder: protius-1 timestamp: Sun Jul 22 19:58:27 2001

missing presumed wed. -Tom
hush you! -Tet
that sounded unusually guilty. -Tom

record number: 13 recorder: protius-2 timestamp: Sun Jul 22 20:05:40 2001

Its just wrong!
now that was a squick! -KJ
(on crystal gravy)

record number: 14 recorder: protius-3 timestamp: Mon Jul 23 19:46:15 2001

Its that tall geeky guy with hair! -KJ
Hows it hanging... -Tet

record number: 15 recorder: protius-4 timestamp: Mon Jul 23 19:54:10 2001

Bowling alleys never made it out of the 80's did they? -KJ
Oh man, they were in the 70's until the 90's. -GS

record number: 16 recorder: protius-5 timestamp: Tue Jul 24 21:25:37 2001

Aparently that made him pass his man test... -KJ
I passed mine the moment they said "its a boy!" -Tet

record number: 17 recorder: protius-6 timestamp: Tue Jul 24 22:19:52 2001

I trust their hunting skills as far as...  
well I can throw them pretty far...
they would not last long in the wild. -Tet (on his ferrets)

record number: 18 recorder: protius-7 timestamp: Wed Jul 25 20:36:39 2001

Wheres our waitress? -?
We have a moose. -Tom
Refills! -Tet
That's not mountain dew... -Tet

record number: 19 recorder: protius-8 timestamp: Wed Jul 25 21:03:55 2001

It was like two rhinos wresling under a tarp. -Cre
pot kettle , hippo. -Tet

(on the size of Tets butt)

record number: 20 recorder: protius-9 timestamp: Thu Jul 26 17:10:34 2001

Computer: transport my furnature to this address.  arrange it nicely. -KJ
(on moving with a transporter)

record number: 21 recorder: protius-10 timestamp: Fri Jul 27 11:27:33 2001

button: I survived the Anthrocon 5 registration line. 
(and all I got was this lousy con badge. -Crea)

record number: 22 recorder: protius-11 timestamp: Fri Jul 27 15:53:16 2001

My obliviosity is working even better than I realized! -Tom
yes... cherish it. -GS

record number: 23 recorder: protius-12 timestamp: Fri Jul 27 19:36:04 2001

Would you show it to Kage's mother? -GS
She likes this kind of stuff. -unknown

record number: 24 recorder: protius-13 timestamp: Sat Jul 28 12:59:18 2001

There is some exceptionaly kinky stuff here this year.  I'm amost tempted to buy it. -KJ
(on the ac adult art auction)

record number: 25 recorder: protius-14 timestamp: Sat Jul 28 14:56:14 2001

button: failure is not an option.  its standard equipment.

record number: 26 recorder: protius-15 timestamp: Sun Jul 29 18:20:31 2001

You just want to turn that knob again don't you? -Kes
uhm... Yes.  bzort!- GS
(on the spark generator)

record number: 27 recorder: protius-16 timestamp: Mon Jul 30 09:54:25 2001

That pixel looks like me! -TJ coyote
(on a digital group pixel)

record number: 28 recorder: protius-17 timestamp: Mon Jul 30 09:55:46 2001

All 3 of them reach the wrong floor at around the same time.  -unknown
(on the ac elevators)

record number: 29 recorder: protius-18 timestamp: Mon Jul 30 12:58:55 2001

I don't care how big your car is, how big is your insurance? -Tom
(on SUVs on the highway)

record number: 30 recorder: protius-19 timestamp: Tue Jul 31 21:00:01 2001

button: Presented in original aspect ratio.

record number: 31 recorder: protius-20 timestamp: Fri Aug 3 21:05:43 2001

Brain out of level... recalibrating. -KJ
(his gyro fell over)

record number: 32 recorder: protius-21 timestamp: Sat Aug 4 20:56:37 2001

Don't look at it, look through it. -GS
ooooh! -Tet, KJ, Tom
(on his layered beverage)

record number: 33 recorder: protius-22 timestamp: Mon Aug 6 23:24:40 2001

People who arn't freeks are either very shallow, or in denial. -GS

record number: 34 recorder: protius-23 timestamp: Wed Aug 8 20:29:01 2001

Aparently there is some magic where after its done distributing viruses, it tells everyone your on vacation. -Tet
(on ms outlook and the vacation program)

record number: 35 recorder: protius-24 timestamp: Fri Aug 10 18:35:20 2001

button: whats it like when your working set fits into cache?

record number: 36 recorder: protius-25 timestamp: Fri Aug 10 21:42:28 2001

He was like infraredneck. -Tet
(on a guy who was commenting on his weirdload sticker)

record number: 37 recorder: protius-26 timestamp: Fri Aug 10 22:50:40 2001

I think sitting on my ass is relatively low impact.  Unless you're a couch. -Tet

record number: 38 recorder: protius-27 timestamp: Sun Aug 12 19:28:46 2001

I think if one of my ideas flashed by, he would be arrested. -GS

record number: 39 recorder: protius-28 timestamp: Tue Aug 14 21:12:31 2001

button: balistic condoment research labs.

record number: 40 recorder: protius-29 timestamp: Sat Aug 18 15:31:02 2001

Mr hankies wild ride!  4 to a log. -KJ
(on the log flume at king's dominion)

record number: 41 recorder: protius-30 timestamp: Sat Aug 18 20:24:21 2001

Why did you put 6 cloves of garlic in?-PG
because thats all we had! -Tom

record number: 42 recorder: protius-31 timestamp: Sun Aug 19 20:26:10 2001

We could make a non-stick clue-by-four. -Tom
(swing) fwip... shit...  -KJ
(discussing teflon)

record number: 43 recorder: protius-32 timestamp: Fri Aug 24 22:11:15 2001

Your right there is a floor in front of the TV. -Tom
Theres a kitchen too. -KJ
Underneath the coffee table. -KJ
(KJ had allegedly been cleaning)

record number: 44 recorder: protius-33 timestamp: Tue Aug 28 20:17:26 2001

sporn! -everyone
sporn on a cob! -Tet
get off my brainwave! -KJ

record number: 45 recorder: Old-1 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:36:51 2001

I want to know the burst strength of a cauldron. -GS
I want something which can burst cauldrons. -KJ

record number: 46 recorder: Old-2 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:37:16 2001

I'm going to kill myself. -Tom
Just don't break the camera. -Laura

record number: 47 recorder: Old-3 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:37:40 2001

Helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon...
and no those are not athletic shoes! -GS
I thought they were cars. -KJ

record number: 48 recorder: Old-4 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:38:06 2001

if the cheaper one is sufficient, then it is cheaper. -KJ
ker-quote... -Tom
Gnar! -KJ

record number: 49 recorder: Old-5 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:38:41 2001

I am unfamilier with the utz logic family.  Chips are either cmos or ttl...-Tom
you are being geekier than me. -KJ
no, just geek of a different flavor. -Tom
I'll get Ka to recite poetry! -KJ

record number: 50 recorder: Old-6 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:39:06 2001

Do I want to be sick or innocent?-Rigel
like duh!  If you have to ask... -everyone

record number: 51 recorder: Old-7 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:39:30 2001

Romper room made me who I am today.  That and watching all those episodes of secret garden. -Xxydex

record number: 52 recorder: Old-8 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:39:46 2001

I am a moose!  And a sharpened duck...-Tet

record number: 53 recorder: Old-9 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:40:21 2001

Welcome back to there. -GS
(as in "don't go...")

record number: 54 recorder: Old-10 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:40:33 2001

I am pyroo! Hear me sizzle! -KJ

record number: 55 recorder: Old-11 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:40:45 2001

I sentance you to death, for being icky! -KJ (on a spider in his camper)

record number: 56 recorder: Old-12 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:40:59 2001

that it? -KJ (to sky)
gooosh! -KJ, Tom
(about a rain storm stopping)

record number: 57 recorder: Old-13 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:41:12 2001

You see people, we know how lame we are, so we dress like animals. -KJ

record number: 58 recorder: Old-14 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:41:32 2001

That is an evil concoction. -KJ
you have no idea.  This may not have been a successful attempt. -Tom
(orange pop, and dr pepper)

record number: 59 recorder: Old-15 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:41:49 2001

I'm not trying to be different.. I'm trying to be normal and this is as close as I can get.. -GS

record number: 60 recorder: Old-16 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:41:59 2001

Who knows what evil lurks in the 
forest. -GS
Yea us! -Tet

record number: 61 recorder: Old-17 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:42:08 2001

Card me! Card me please!  I feel old. -Tet

record number: 62 recorder: Old-18 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:42:22 2001

I spent an entertaining evening reading about nuclear physics. -Tom
Did you have any involvement? -KJ
I deny any involvement.  He's the one who has deuterium on his desk. -GS

record number: 63 recorder: Old-19 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:42:45 2001

*waving hammer* if i had a hammer i'd be dangerous...
ooh we can squish cans with the hammer -9! -KJ

record number: 64 recorder: Old-20 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:42:56 2001

Thankyou for sharing.  SIGTMI! -KJ

record number: 65 recorder: Old-21 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:43:27 2001

One of my aconplishments as a small evil child...-TJ
Now you are a large evil child... -KJ
Yes... -TJ
With money! -KJ

record number: 66 recorder: Old-22 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:43:41 2001

Whats your orentation?
Mines straight. -Galen
In what direction? -GS

record number: 67 recorder: Old-23 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:43:56 2001

I think i'll run away screaming now.-GS
Sounds like a plan. -Crea
(on KJ's log splitting attempts)

record number: 68 recorder: Old-24 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:44:07 2001

You know how to deal. -Galen
But i don't know how to shuffle! -rigel

record number: 69 recorder: Old-25 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:44:35 2001

dan's pinball game. -Tom
warning!  May cause death!-KJ

record number: 70 recorder: Old-26 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:44:48 2001

You havn't seen wrong until you've read transformers robot porn. -Tet
(ker-cringe) What does a brain anurism feel like? -KJ

record number: 71 recorder: Old-27 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:45:05 2001

Unfortunately I didn't realize I said it until after I said it. -KJ
(on the adjustable thing which you could adjust)

record number: 72 recorder: Old-28 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:45:24 2001

Add frosting to the list of things to remove from the carpet. -GS
I need to remove carpet from my fork. -KJ

record number: 73 recorder: Old-29 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:45:42 2001

Why do i get the feeling this piece of cheese is going to go away? -KJ
You are psycic! -GS
that is mine! -KJ
ker-yoink. -Tom

record number: 74 recorder: Old-30 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:45:56 2001

No touchie the top no touchie the bottom. -KJ
The middle however... -Tom
No touchie the middle anyway. -KJ
what is the breakdown voltage of glass? -GS

record number: 75 recorder: Old-31 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:46:12 2001

Are you bored? -Tom
Whatever gave you that idea? -KJ
The blubbing noises actualy. -Tom
Curses foiled again. -KJ

record number: 76 recorder: Old-32 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:46:39 2001

It is clean, you could eat off of there!. -KJ
Bull Shit!-Tet
No it is not... It is  much much worse. -KJ

record number: 77 recorder: Old-33 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:46:53 2001

I like fursuits. -KJ
thats very interesting. -Eliza
(eliza is an old ai program)

record number: 78 recorder: Old-34 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:47:05 2001

I have no idea where that came from.  Im hoping theres nothing left. -Tet
Don't go there anymore. -KJ

record number: 79 recorder: Old-35 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:47:18 2001

Quick everyone stare at me now. -GS
Ok! -everyone
Ok you can stop now. -GS

record number: 80 recorder: Old-36 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:47:34 2001

No science for you!  -Tet

record number: 81 recorder: Old-37 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:47:57 2001

There is only so much sugar as will disolve in water.  The quantity which I call not enough.  -GS

record number: 82 recorder: Old-38 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:48:12 2001

what? you have to go hunting? -Tet
eat me folfboy. -KJ
(on KJ's bellybutton)

record number: 83 recorder: Old-39 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:48:22 2001

I dont think anyone has the right to call me weird. -KJ
I think we will anyway. -Tom
Well it didn't stop anyone before.  -KJ

record number: 84 recorder: Old-40 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:48:31 2001

I'm going to turn off my phone, and close the door of my cubicle with something sharp. -KJ
(on trying to get work done.)

record number: 85 recorder: Old-41 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:48:39 2001

you called it a giant bong? -GS
(on the jacobs ladder)

record number: 86 recorder: Old-42 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:49:10 2001

the line was somcthing like "thats like saying regis is so hot." -Tet
whats wrong with regis? -KJ
oh regis you hot -- wearing sob. -Tet
take me now. -Wacky
that is my final answer. -Tet

record number: 87 recorder: Old-43 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:49:31 2001

It is also quotes 5... -Tom
We say too much stupid shit. -KJ

record number: 88 recorder: Old-44 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:49:46 2001

you need to be chanting ayuugaaa as you spread it. -KJ
I believe the grass seed will sprout reguardless of how silly i am when i dispense it. -GS

record number: 89 recorder: Old-45 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:50:00 2001

thunder! Lightning!   -GS

record number: 90 recorder: Old-46 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:50:11 2001

You are poking me.  Why are you poking me. -GS
do you want me to do something silly?-GS
That was bizzare! -KJ
curses! Palmed again! -KJ

record number: 91 recorder: Old-47 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:50:22 2001

those arn't ours... But we can fix that.-Tet
(on food at DB)

record number: 92 recorder: Old-48 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:50:39 2001

stand back im going to do something silly!-GS
that wasnt silly. -Tet
i failed.-GS

record number: 93 recorder: Old-49 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:50:54 2001

aughh cow nose! -Tet
(on the rat race trailer)

record number: 94 recorder: Old-50 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:51:05 2001

geeks getting high: 60 hz buzz

record number: 95 recorder: Old-51 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:51:16 2001

Tet! Squick the watress! -KJ
(on eating lemons)

record number: 96 recorder: Old-52 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:51:29 2001

You're the kind of person who would take an icecream scoop and butter, and go lick  lick  lick. -KJ
your having way to much fun imagining that. Stop. -GS

record number: 97 recorder: Old-53 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:51:44 2001

split ends!
Ker-prance Ker-prance Ker-prance !
Can you do anything for me! -Tet

record number: 98 recorder: Old-54 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:51:52 2001

I'll have to time a make world when I get home...  -Wacky
you know your a geek when you have different ideas of drag racing. -Tet

record number: 99 recorder: Old-55 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:52:03 2001

I'm happy, dammit!  -Tet
(on finding a free loafing chair)

record number: 100 recorder: Old-56 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:52:14 2001

Which is more disturbing?  the fact that i said it, or the fact that he tried? -KJ

record number: 101 recorder: Old-57 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:52:32 2001

don barlow, inventor. -KJ
i'll make you an invention you can't refuse. -GS

record number: 102 recorder: Old-58 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:58:26 2001

I am not amusing. -KJ
ha ha ha! -everyone

record number: 103 recorder: Old-59 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:58:39 2001

ive got combustables, i've got combustables! -Tet

record number: 104 recorder: Old-60 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:58:47 2001

1/4 cord of wood dosn't cost much.
it would take you forever to burn through it.  In theory... -KJ
Is that a challange? -GS

record number: 105 recorder: Old-61 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:58:56 2001

its going now... Hehehehe -KJ
(on the fire)

record number: 106 recorder: Old-62 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:59:09 2001

I am not competative.  I am just disgusting. -Crea

record number: 107 recorder: Old-63 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:59:16 2001

Sock it to me roobaby! -Mousepaws
eugh I didn't need to hear those words. -GS

record number: 108 recorder: Old-64 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:59:35 2001

You might not see food aoain soldier! 
good! -GS (on MREs)

record number: 109 recorder: Old-65 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 22:59:51 2001

why are you looking at me like that! -Tet
Because your response is so funny! -KJ Tom

record number: 110 recorder: Old-66 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:00:06 2001

so who's little brother are you?  -Chuck  (in denial at reunion)

record number: 111 recorder: Old-67 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:00:16 2001

Hi can I have a very large iced tea please? -Tet

record number: 112 recorder: Old-68 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:00:30 2001

This is extremely dangerous right now. But you can have some when it calms down. -GS
Does that conduct? -Crow

record number: 113 recorder: Old-69 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:00:41 2001

You don't tell your cow orkers what to do with their windows boxen. -Tom
you mean "sit on it and spin". -Tet

record number: 114 recorder: Old-70 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:00:50 2001

If your food goes wuub thats bad. -KJ
(on spicey food)

record number: 115 recorder: Old-71 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:01:00 2001

good filk is one which makes you go paaah! -GS

record number: 116 recorder: Old-72 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:01:10 2001

hey the plates are hot...  -Tet
 -KJ Tom
now we must kill you. -KJ

record number: 117 recorder: Old-73 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:01:46 2001

Thats it?  One wibble? -Tet
Well it was giving the couch good vibrations this morning. -Crea

record number: 118 recorder: Old-74 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:01:55 2001

come on kj roo vhere are you? Its time to stop for gas now.  Come on kj roo oh i see you. -Tet

record number: 119 recorder: Old-75 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:02:11 2001

Why are these stuck togather? -Tet
gnar! -KJ

record number: 120 recorder: Old-76 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:02:23 2001

Sysadmins dont just commit suicide.  They take people with them.

record number: 121 recorder: Old-77 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:02:38 2001

Cheese is aparently flamable. -KJ

record number: 122 recorder: Old-78 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:02:49 2001

They will want to see your cdrh variances.-GS
Who is CDRH? -Tom
They regulate all laser installatione over class 1. -GS
what class is your laser? -Tom
4. -GS
how many classes are there? -Tom
4. -GS
Excelent! -Tom

record number: 123 recorder: Old-79 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:02:59 2001

What the hell does this taste like?  Guacamole? -GS
(on kj and tom's most recent odd beverage purchise)

record number: 124 recorder: Old-80 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:03:22 2001

I'm watching operation they are doing something cool and gruesome... -Tet
Yuck I don't even have to see it to get squicked.  -Tom

record number: 125 recorder: Old-81 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:03:31 2001

He was playing hard to get
she was playing hard to want... -Tet

record number: 126 recorder: Old-82 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:03:38 2001

do you need a p133?  -GS
I think i gave that to you. -Tet
I think your right... Do you need it back? -GS

record number: 127 recorder: Old-83 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:03:46 2001

You are forbidden to write down anything where I insult myself. -KJ

record number: 128 recorder: Old-84 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:03:55 2001

I am fat guy.  Hear me pant! -KJ

record number: 129 recorder: Old-85 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:04:03 2001

I will forget it if...
I will forget it. -KJ

record number: 130 recorder: Old-86 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:04:18 2001

button idea: we are the wrong hands. -KJ

record number: 131 recorder: Old-87 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:04:49 2001

I want one of those. -KJ
I have one of those! -GS
(on a laser gun in power puff girls)

record number: 132 recorder: Old-88 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:04:56 2001

Its not radioactive, as far as you know. -GS

record number: 133 recorder: Old-89 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:05:03 2001

Do you have any titanium? -KJ
Probably yea, I guess. -GS

record number: 134 recorder: Old-90 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:05:12 2001

i have decided to go back and watch eva in its correct order... Randomly. -Crea

record number: 135 recorder: Old-91 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:05:28 2001

I'm not sure weather I'm making fun of you or Tet, but its still fun. -GS

record number: 136 recorder: Old-92 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:05:36 2001

Hello! -GS
oh thats obnoxous! -Tom
(on the acoustic behavior of a glass funnel)

record number: 137 recorder: Old-93 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:05:46 2001

It only takes about 30,000 amps to start a grill on fire. -GS

record number: 138 recorder: Old-94 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:05:53 2001

He imediatly assumed it was me. -KJ
I wonder why. -GS, Tet

record number: 139 recorder: Old-95 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:06:04 2001

It would be used to taunt me.  -KJ
We havn't even made it yet and its already being used to taunt you. Tom

record number: 140 recorder: Old-96 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:06:16 2001

there is enough there to hurt your brain. -GS
(on infinity)

record number: 141 recorder: Old-97 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:06:26 2001

No best not never said.  -Tet

record number: 142 recorder: Old-98 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:06:39 2001

Home is just a place to put your legos. -Tet

record number: 143 recorder: Old-99 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:06:47 2001

 Now theres a proper bus 

sorry... -KJ

record number: 144 recorder: Old-100 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:07:07 2001

KJing does not mean having a comfy couch. -KJ

record number: 145 recorder: Old-101 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:07:14 2001

nyyum... I love zesty italian. -KJ
euugh.. -GS

record number: 146 recorder: Old-102 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:07:23 2001

stages of salad lifecycle: edible, weird, scarey, mobile.  

record number: 147 recorder: Old-103 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:07:33 2001

No lead can withstand my ass! -KJ
(after mongoing some lead plumbing)

record number: 148 recorder: Old-104 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:07:43 2001

To KJ: to go camping with 2 tvs and a microwave.

record number: 149 recorder: Old-105 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:07:49 2001

Bugs are made of some sticky ass shit. -KJ

record number: 150 recorder: Old-106 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:07:58 2001

Or did you not get the bell of enlightenment? -KJ
(Tet explaining proxy servers to his mcse)

record number: 151 recorder: Old-107 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:08:10 2001

Well that took a week off my life. -Tet
least it was off the end. -KJ
Ironicly it was off of when i was 5. -Tet
You'd die for a week, and then come back to life. -KJ
The messiah sandwich. -Tet
(while discussing a montecrisco sandwich)

record number: 152 recorder: Old-108 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:08:46 2001

the salad was dead wasn't it -KJ
yes, very... -Tom

record number: 153 recorder: Old-109 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:08:54 2001

This isn't working. -Tom
No but it is failing gracefully. -GS
(on looking for Helgi)

record number: 154 recorder: Old-110 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:09:04 2001

Consitering we have put 2 miles between us and where we started... -Smyrgol
Its just part of the graysoul exersize plan. -Tom
Yep walk your ass off, literaly.  -GS

record number: 155 recorder: Old-111 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:09:12 2001

Did you start it this time? -Tet
No you did. -GS
You mean I was evil and I don't even remember it? -Tet
You were so evil you're used to it and didn't even notice.  -GS

record number: 156 recorder: Old-112 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:09:20 2001

Don't go there. -Tet
Not got going there. -GS
Continuing to not go there. -

record number: 157 recorder: Old-113 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:09:27 2001

We went there yesterday. -KJ
lick me rooboy -Tet
nyuuuah... -KJ
what what you do if he did? -Tom
Say "i deserved that" -Tet

record number: 158 recorder: Old-114 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:09:36 2001

I want a new duck. -KJ

record number: 159 recorder: Old-115 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:09:42 2001

Why does it always have to involve an asshole? - KJ

record number: 160 recorder: Old-116 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:09:52 2001

I am fondling your cup. -KJ
Allright stop that, tis silly. -GS

record number: 161 recorder: Old-117 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:10:01 2001

Oh take me now. -Tet
You say that a lot Tet. -Tom
Yea i'm still trying to get there and I'm hoping someone will just take me. -Tet

record number: 162 recorder: Old-118 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:10:08 2001

KJ is that your moose?  Get him out of here, and stop blushing.  -GS
oh take me now! -Tet

record number: 163 recorder: Old-119 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:10:17 2001

If you prepair for the worst, it will never come.  John Baddik

record number: 164 recorder: Old-120 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:10:30 2001

You can burn diamonds...  Its just very hard to get them lit. -GS

record number: 165 recorder: Old-121 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:10:51 2001

well if you just gzipped the horde... -KJ
Its already about as compressed it will get. It needs to expand a bit. -GS
Well mp3 it then.  -KJ
But thats lossy compression its just removing the useless artifacts! -GS

record number: 166 recorder: Old-122 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:11:01 2001

Ahhh theres some more feet!  Under the high voltage thing.  -GS

record number: 167 recorder: Old-123 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:11:17 2001

I've been bugged! -GS
(on finding 2 identical yellow bugs, on each side of his car)

record number: 168 recorder: Old-124 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:11:51 2001

you fork sucker you! -KJ
what? -GS
well its got to be good for something... -KJ

record number: 169 recorder: Old-125 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:11:59 2001

pong pong... -KJ
my brain is soft. -GS
very marshmallowy.  Lets toast it!  -KJ

record number: 170 recorder: Old-126 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:12:09 2001

oooh that makes my head hurt. -Tom
Who wrote it? -KJ
I did. -Tom
Thats not good... - KJ

record number: 171 recorder: Old-127 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:12:26 2001

Button idea: if you are what you eat then monsters are people too.

record number: 172 recorder: Old-128 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:12:36 2001

No, not about partical physics. -graysoul

record number: 173 recorder: Old-129 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:12:45 2001

Why is a beam called a beam? -Tom
laser or steel? -KJ
boat.   -Tom
checkmate.  -KJ

record number: 174 recorder: Old-130 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:15:07 2001

well... Hmmm -Dan
oh dammit we've started Dan again. -Tet

record number: 175 recorder: Old-131 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:15:17 2001

lair signage:
storatory  (closet)  -Tet
snoratory  (dan's room)
computorium  (machine room)

record number: 176 recorder: Old-132 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:15:28 2001

Its not a stack.  Its a linked list sorted by gravity. -Dan

record number: 177 recorder: Old-133 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:15:35 2001

I am a duck.  A sharpened duck. -Tet (having a bad zen day)

record number: 178 recorder: Old-134 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:15:43 2001

I am still a duck...  -Tet

record number: 179 recorder: Old-135 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:15:51 2001

Stop playing with my bits.  - KJ

record number: 180 recorder: Old-136 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:16:00 2001

Coherent testosterone -KJ
(on Dan's laser)

record number: 181 recorder: Old-137 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:16:08 2001

Do you have your palm? -Tet
I have all 3 of them -KJ

record number: 182 recorder: Old-138 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:16:17 2001

Dan, they are being evil again? -PG
When did they stop? -Dan

record number: 183 recorder: Old-139 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:16:27 2001

I am officially stuck.  I got my legs into a pretzel and they weren't coming out.  -KJ

record number: 184 recorder: Old-140 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:17:13 2001

Make that sound again... (What is the sound of a script crashing...)-Tet
kathorple..thmp..thmp.. thmp -KJ

record number: 185 recorder: Old-141 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:17:27 2001

Are you sure you want to be on his brainwave? -Tom
What am I thinking? -Tet
Owww don't think that again. -KJ

record number: 186 recorder: Old-142 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:17:37 2001

let me see even a stain -KJ
we didn't even get to see the blinking lights. -Tom
(after sitting in traffic for 40 min for an accident.)

record number: 187 recorder: Old-143 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:17:48 2001

This won't fit... I'll just gnaw on it a bit...-GS
oooh... -KJ

record number: 188 recorder: Old-144 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:17:59 2001

Mmm thats a big slice of cow.  Oh take me now. -Tet

record number: 189 recorder: Old-145 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:18:08 2001

I believe there are two green things in the freezer... -Pro
Yeah, but one of them is chicken... -GS

record number: 190 recorder: Old-146 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:18:15 2001

brain check!  Thump...

record number: 191 recorder: Old-147 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:18:22 2001

If you inhale the napkin, it will stop you from coughing.  -PG

record number: 192 recorder: Old-148 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:18:34 2001

ooh a switcher...
Byummmm  -Wacky mouse

record number: 193 recorder: Old-149 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:18:58 2001

Its pink.  Its definitely pink.
What the hell flavor is pink? - KJ
(on jones cola's flavor "Pink")

record number: 194 recorder: Old-150 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:19:06 2001

Its about the best definition... 
Squick: the noise your brain makes when it processes something you don't want to think about.

record number: 195 recorder: Old-151 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:19:14 2001

Point snoring apparatus the other way. -KJ
damn you KJ...-Tet

record number: 196 recorder: Old-152 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:19:27 2001

ker recline -Tet
I'd do that but I don't want the driver to pass out. -GS
holy shit are you frying cabage in your shoes? -Tet
Promise me you'll only use this power for good. -Tet

record number: 197 recorder: Old-153 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:19:34 2001

Wow... I've been medicated! -GS

record number: 198 recorder: Old-154 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:19:46 2001

Holy shit those things are orgasmic!
-KJ (on entmans chocolate donuts)
Now I've got him giggling. -KJ

record number: 199 recorder: Old-155 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:20:00 2001

wuuh... Its not good when you water your own eyes. -KJ
Write that down. -KJ
I'm busy screwing the switcher. -Tom
Write that down too.  -KJ
It dosn't count when your trying.  -Tom
I'm going to go check my email, to refrain from saying anything else dumb.  -KJ

record number: 200 recorder: Old-156 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:20:37 2001

That monitor dosn't believe in text mode!  Thats why I paid $20 for it.  Unless it was $50... -Tom

record number: 201 recorder: Old-157 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:20:47 2001

Is there anything else to do with reality? -KJ
sneak up on it, or avoid it? -GS
Sneak up on it, pounce it and yiff it! -KJ

record number: 202 recorder: Old-158 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:20:56 2001

I would like to hav e a geiger counter, to see if I have anything radioactive. -Dan
I would like you to have one too. - Tom

record number: 203 recorder: Old-159 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:21:20 2001

It contains: your eyeball -Tom
ooh neat! -KJ
(on a corner reflector)

record number: 204 recorder: Old-160 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:21:29 2001

hand me that cat5
3 sir! -Tet
Did anyone get it? -Tom
No! -Tet

record number: 205 recorder: Old-161 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:21:38 2001

Scrubbing bubbles are great!  They have weird chemistry from dow in them which can dissolve anything!  -GS

record number: 206 recorder: Old-162 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:21:45 2001

The case of the attractive wheat... -Rigel (reading)
Just because you're not into it...    -KJ

record number: 207 recorder: Old-163 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:22:12 2001

De plane de plane! -KJ
De rasp de rasp!  -GS
De crosscut saw De crosscut saw! -Protius

record number: 208 recorder: Old-164 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:26:49 2001

You can check out any time you like, but we'll ticket you.  -GS

record number: 209 recorder: Old-165 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:27:04 2001

What the hell runs on one amp?
That does! -KJ

record number: 210 recorder: Old-166 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:27:16 2001

You know you're a geek when you don't know how many computers you have.

record number: 211 recorder: Old-167 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:27:26 2001

Its not under the table, its under his ass.
You could get lost under there...

record number: 212 recorder: Old-168 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:27:33 2001

The butt should be lower... .-Tyrin

record number: 213 recorder: Old-169 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:27:44 2001

You know one of thse days your going to knock the last little bit of locknut out of your neck. -Tom
Then I could sit in meetings and do that yieeee thing! -KJ

record number: 214 recorder: Old-170 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:27:53 2001

But the end would bwibwbw!  It must be done! -KJ

record number: 215 recorder: Old-171 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:28:00 2001

We made a huge turbine powered whoopie cushon! -KJ

record number: 216 recorder: Old-172 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:28:09 2001

They need to be beaten with a 2x4. Maybe a 2x4 isn't big enough... -Tommy
How about a 16x9? -KJ
(on how dvd stores 16x9 video as 4x3)

record number: 217 recorder: Old-173 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:28:16 2001

A geek salad bar would be a glove box.

record number: 218 recorder: Old-174 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:28:24 2001

I see an hour here is not going to be sufficient...  Treage!  -GS

record number: 219 recorder: Old-175 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:28:33 2001

I'll hold your big long edible thing!
Can you hold mine too?

record number: 220 recorder: Old-176 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:28:43 2001

 Perhaps number four is a thumping with cheese.  -Tet  (on the menu numbering at Togos)

record number: 221 recorder: Old-177 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:28:54 2001

Ok I can get off now.  -Trixi
Pong!  -Tet

record number: 222 recorder: Old-178 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:29:03 2001

Dude like i can see your light oscillating!  -Tet

record number: 223 recorder: Old-179 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:29:12 2001

Aww shit you videotaped it? -Trixi

record number: 224 recorder: Old-180 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:29:20 2001

That pen is blacker than black... it's the sync-pen.  -Protius

record number: 225 recorder: Old-181 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:29:27 2001

Oh damnit, its recording!  -Trixi

record number: 226 recorder: Old-182 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:29:36 2001

We're like chloresterol... we'll clog any walkway.

record number: 227 recorder: Old-183 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:29:43 2001

Its a fucking concrete rubix cube!
(on us 101)

record number: 228 recorder: Old-184 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:29:51 2001

"living on the edge of not the other side." -Dianna (Thats what we heard)

record number: 229 recorder: Old-185 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:30:00 2001

"Ouch.  Wolf to the forehead." -Tet 

record number: 230 recorder: Old-186 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:30:07 2001

'Errors Occured'..... What does that mean?   -Anon

record number: 231 recorder: Old-187 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:30:22 2001

"I love Malichus.  He's So Delightfully negative." - Sheejan
"Yeah, like a wet dream about Bea Arthur." -Tet

record number: 232 recorder: Old-188 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:30:31 2001

"We're out of Chicken and Fish" -Waiter
"That's okay.. That's not meat." -Tet

record number: 233 recorder: Old-189 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:30:43 2001

You know you're a geek when other people notice your computer is down.  -Protius

record number: 234 recorder: Old-190 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:30:54 2001

Ebay is what you get when you cross a flea market with the stock market. -Protius

record number: 235 recorder: Old-191 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:31:09 2001

The razor edge of oops...-Tet

record number: 236 recorder: Old-192 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:31:18 2001

Couldn'd he even put a color in front of a species?  -Pro
 Puce orangautan! -GS

record number: 237 recorder: Old-193 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:31:26 2001

So, has he been hoarding your comics under the rack?
He's been hoarding my socks! -Tet

record number: 238 recorder: Old-194 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:31:33 2001

All-right, who's being palmed? -KJ

record number: 239 recorder: Old-195 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:31:52 2001

A bored teenager with a screwdriver would be very dangerous in the air. -Galen

record number: 240 recorder: Old-196 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:32:01 2001

It curls up and dies, crawls under the table, and turns itself into a mac. -Tet

record number: 241 recorder: Old-197 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:32:08 2001

Tet, don't break the elivator cable. -GS

record number: 242 recorder: Old-198 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:32:17 2001

We're going to hit you with a hot planet vs a cold one.  Oh thank you... -GS

record number: 243 recorder: Old-199 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:32:27 2001

Dan: laptop power ethernet.
Don't tell me you didnt think of it. -Tet

record number: 244 recorder: Old-200 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:32:36 2001

long hard green and lumpy things! Pickle salesman 

record number: 245 recorder: Old-201 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:32:46 2001

We're suffering from packet loss. -GS
Well, its TCP, he'll be along soon. -Tet

record number: 246 recorder: Old-202 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:32:53 2001

I used to dress up like him except my stick was a lot larger. -Tet

record number: 247 recorder: Old-203 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:33:01 2001

Pay up or I eat you! -Tet
(to protius's tea)

record number: 248 recorder: Old-204 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:33:10 2001

Don't quote that!  Shit!  -Tet
(my superior ass shall prevail in getting the seat)

record number: 249 recorder: Old-205 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:33:17 2001

You blocked it! I got nothing but ass. -KJ

record number: 250 recorder: Old-206 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:33:28 2001

"Its all about the wiggle" - Chris

record number: 251 recorder: Old-207 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:34:00 2001

oooo deep fried puppies.   And for desert, kitten cake!  -Tet

record number: 252 recorder: Old-208 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:34:11 2001

you have achived nerdvana! -KJ

record number: 253 recorder: Old-209 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:34:27 2001

"Woah, this is the first time I don't need any hardware...
oh, I do need some cat-5" -Tet

record number: 254 recorder: Old-210 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:34:37 2001

Scoping for chickens...  I knew I was in chickenville earlier. -Kelar
(on the death chickens)

record number: 255 recorder: Old-211 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:35:10 2001

Diet dr pepper tastes more like shit! -Beigh

record number: 256 recorder: Old-212 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:35:19 2001

holy naked christian schenanioan butter (tm)! Beigh

record number: 257 recorder: Old-213 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:35:25 2001

They have the size thing going for them  -Reuven
(on bees)

record number: 258 recorder: Old-214 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:35:33 2001

No, dont turn it on, don't turn it on!! TJ coyote in GS's place

record number: 259 recorder: Old-215 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:35:40 2001

All right, who had the fake coke?
-guy at mongolian barbique on PG's drink

record number: 260 recorder: Old-216 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:35:49 2001

I'm trying to figure out where it fits.-Kelar
I think that's up to the user. -PG

record number: 261 recorder: Old-217 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:35:55 2001

What is my coffee table now?
(when something unusualy large was brought home from the surplus auction, it usually ended up on coffee table duty at Tet's place)

record number: 262 recorder: Old-218 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:36:06 2001

You know your a geek when you pipet your drink.  -protius
I dont know whether to be afraid that I know what that means or not.  -KJ

record number: 263 recorder: Old-219 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:36:17 2001

Light switches don't kill computers.  People flipping light switches kill computers.  -.Tet

record number: 264 recorder: Old-220 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:36:26 2001

no nails please...
my brain is soft

record number: 265 recorder: Old-221 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:36:39 2001

I believe there is more fur down here than in my closet..

record number: 266 recorder: Old-222 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:36:46 2001

Great idea... Poor execution... 
Yeah...  My ideas suck too.

record number: 267 recorder: Old-223 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:36:56 2001

Put some pants on idiot! 

record number: 268 recorder: Old-224 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:37:09 2001

 I've got meat in my mouth.

record number: 269 recorder: Old-225 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:37:16 2001

Success is insufficient. I must dominate!!

record number: 270 recorder: Old-226 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:37:25 2001

I'd like a single-cheek order of fat-ass fries please.

record number: 271 recorder: Old-227 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:37:36 2001

Now that's a lot of happiness.

record number: 272 recorder: Old-228 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:37:45 2001

Look at the size of those JPEG atifacts!
Tom, anyone other than you. and I would be surprised.
-Tom, Tet

record number: 273 recorder: Old-229 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:37:52 2001

75 Smurfs died for your drink.

record number: 274 recorder: Old-230 timestamp: Fri Aug 17 23:38:01 2001

You are having less of a life more efficienily than me.

record number: 275 recorder: protius-34 timestamp: Tue Aug 28 22:09:14 2001

button: this user compiled with lib spiffy

record number: 276 recorder: protius-35 timestamp: Fri Aug 31 15:54:06 2001

I'll live longer if I starve. -Shockwave
(on eating airport food.)

record number: 277 recorder: protius-36 timestamp: Sat Sep 1 13:48:20 2001

Could be parfait, everyone likes parfait, some people like zoof too. -GS

record number: 278 recorder: protius-37 timestamp: Sun Sep 2 00:45:35 2001

Damn I sound refined! -Packrat

record number: 279 recorder: protius-38 timestamp: Sun Sep 2 20:53:51 2001

Is scritch protocol routeable?
what layer would it be? -Pro
physical, definitely physical. -Drabek

record number: 280 recorder: protius-39 timestamp: Mon Sep 3 15:41:59 2001

THC Homes!  Cooooooool, man...
Hemp homes?  Is that like the straw house? - GraySoul

record number: 281 recorder: protius-40 timestamp: Tue Sep 4 19:34:01 2001

What time is your flight? -Pro
1:00. -Tet
am or pm? -Pro
am! pm! afternoon... -Tet

record number: 282 recorder: protius-41 timestamp: Tue Sep 4 19:46:57 2001

Tet's bell curve goes woop-thonk. -GS

record number: 283 recorder: protius-42 timestamp: Tue Sep 4 20:09:55 2001

Watch the pointy thing behind you. -KJ
Oww... -GS
Thats not my pointy thing. -Tet

record number: 284 recorder: protius-43 timestamp: Tue Sep 4 20:15:37 2001

The United States is larger than it appears in sattelite photos.  -Pro
(on Tet's imminent drive across the US)

record number: 285 recorder: protius-44 timestamp: Sat Sep 8 13:12:09 2001

Don't light the bunny!-KJ
Not going there.  Nope not going there at all. -GS

record number: 286 recorder: protius-45 timestamp: Sat Sep 8 14:06:52 2001

That vermont 2 year old special reserve chedder was delightful.  You could shave with it. -KJ

record number: 287 recorder: protius-46 timestamp: Sat Sep 8 16:29:44 2001

button: Danger: finger hazard.  Do not insert fingers in opening during operation.
(from a dollar bill stacker)

record number: 288 recorder: protius-47 timestamp: Sun Sep 9 17:21:46 2001

Well fuck.  we made it. -KJ
Yea... now what? -Tom
We stop for a while. -KJ

record number: 289 recorder: protius-48 timestamp: Mon Sep 10 21:03:19 2001

The incorporated corporation of america.  Inc. -KJ

record number: 290 recorder: protius-49 timestamp: Fri Sep 14 17:13:50 2001

I'm not a programmer... I just play one at work. -KJ

record number: 291 recorder: protius-50 timestamp: Fri Sep 14 22:50:04 2001

Its a bit crumbly...  it crumblyed right into my tea. -KJ
(on some brittle cheese)

record number: 292 recorder: protius-51 timestamp: Sat Sep 15 13:39:07 2001

Beware the brief tingling sensation. -KJ
(on a type of eye drop)

record number: 293 recorder: protius-52 timestamp: Sun Sep 16 20:25:58 2001

squeek, squeek, squeek... 
no don't!  bad man!
squeek  -Trixi

record number: 294 recorder: protius-53 timestamp: Sun Sep 16 21:42:22 2001

Tet ate the fries, the big plate of fries. -KJ
(to the tune of "don't play that song, that achy brakey song.")

record number: 295 recorder: protius-54 timestamp: Sun Sep 16 21:55:11 2001

My landlord was a waitress here. -GS
Don't you mean waiter? -Tet
Well, technically... -GS

record number: 296 recorder: protius-55 timestamp: Fri Sep 21 21:35:18 2001

Are you done with your dressing?  Can i have it? -GS
I'm going to have to go "bleck" at you now. -Tom
Don't make me get a stick of butter. -GS
(on GS's excessively dressed salad.)

record number: 297 recorder: protius-56 timestamp: Sat Sep 22 17:49:18 2001

Oh, thats bizzare... -Tom
Ok, its hair.  Very spooky hair. -KJ

(On the VERY poofy haircut on the driver in front of us.)

record number: 298 recorder: protius-57 timestamp: Sat Sep 22 17:50:24 2001

Curses!  palmed again. -KJ
(on being quoted again)

record number: 299 recorder: protius-58 timestamp: Sun Sep 23 15:37:29 2001

You know you're in a geek house when your table setting includes a soldering iron. -Tom
What else would you cut your meat with? -KJ

record number: 300 recorder: protius-59 timestamp: Sun Sep 23 17:55:45 2001

There seems to be some unsafe food here...  meat of another color... -KJ
(on tet's fridge)

record number: 301 recorder: protius-60 timestamp: Sun Sep 23 20:00:33 2001

Stretch the lop! -KJ
I do! -Tet
uuugh...  I didn't want to go there. -KJ

record number: 302 recorder: protius-61 timestamp: Sun Sep 23 20:02:19 2001

I just hope the quotes file just dosn't show up as evidence. -KJ
Evidence of what? -Tet
Criminal insanity. -GS

record number: 303 recorder: protius-62 timestamp: Tue Sep 25 23:04:44 2001

I am feeding the stove to the dishwasher! -Tom
Sounds like a plan. -GS
It just seems a bit surreal. -Tom
Well, its going to spit it right back out. -GS

record number: 304 recorder: protius-63 timestamp: Wed Sep 26 21:50:37 2001

I thought you were evil? -KJ
I am evil.  I'm not stupid! -GS
(do not lick the lop)

record number: 305 recorder: protius-64 timestamp: Fri Sep 28 21:34:17 2001

How old are the doughnuts? -GS
They are recoverable. -Tet

record number: 306 recorder: protius-65 timestamp: Fri Sep 28 22:02:56 2001

What am I? the waitress? -Trixi
Its the evil mind tricks. -GS
Why did I collect the menus? -Tet

(on the menus at red lobster)

record number: 307 recorder: protius-66 timestamp: Sun Sep 30 15:11:16 2001

Alaskan, its your turn. -Tom
oh uhhh..-Alaskan
(on the spinny things at glen echo)

record number: 308 recorder: protius-67 timestamp: Sun Sep 30 18:46:08 2001

This is jupiter, and  its moon Io. -GS
(on putting several eyeballs in GS's flask)

record number: 309 recorder: protius-68 timestamp: Wed Oct 3 22:17:59 2001

Can you make it go?-Digit
(to Galen on his tv)

record number: 310 recorder: protius-69 timestamp: Wed Oct 3 23:21:03 2001

Am I the one going wheee?-GS
yes. -Digit
oh lord... -GS
(while playing bust-a-move 4)

record number: 311 recorder: protius-70 timestamp: Fri Oct 5 19:52:36 2001

I must pee! -KJ
Thankyou for sharing, as I go for my palm pilot. -Tet
ker-quote. -Tom

record number: 312 recorder: protius-71 timestamp: Wed Oct 10 20:11:34 2001

No yiffing the Ryan.
Oh wait, we're not in Virginia, carry on. -GS
(to Trixi)

record number: 313 recorder: protius-72 timestamp: Fri Oct 12 20:31:28 2001

Shame on us for leaving the house without a laser... or 2, or 3, or 4. -GS

record number: 314 recorder: protius-73 timestamp: Sat Oct 13 14:40:16 2001

Insert standard government rant here. -Tom
book of rants... chapter 9 verses 8 to 12. -KJ

record number: 315 recorder: protius-74 timestamp: Sat Oct 13 23:45:57 2001

I suck on the insides until it's hollow, and then I eat the rest. -Trixi
(on how she eats a pickle)

record number: 316 recorder: protius-75 timestamp: Sun Oct 14 17:42:08 2001

No, you're supposed to say "no Sue, there are no porkimon in this.". -Suedeer

record number: 317 recorder: protius-76 timestamp: Sun Oct 14 18:53:56 2001

Wheres the phone? -Suedeer
Behind you. -Tet
Oh the pickle phone. -Suedeer
Don't eat it! 

record number: 318 recorder: protius-77 timestamp: Fri Oct 19 04:26:46 2001

Where was this street when we were looking for food yesterday? -Johnny
It was probably right here. -Tom
Ok, where were we when we were looking for food yesterday? -Johnny
(on food in Dublin)

record number: 319 recorder: protius-78 timestamp: Mon Oct 22 07:39:18 2001

Enough ambiance to choke a horse. -Tom
(on a pub in Killarny)

record number: 320 recorder: protius-79 timestamp: Thu Oct 25 21:58:29 2001

I spent 15 hours down there, damnit!  Somebody appreciate it! -Dan
(on the basement)

record number: 321 recorder: protius-80 timestamp: Fri Oct 26 18:34:47 2001

button: well he/I seemed like a quiet person...

record number: 322 recorder: protius-81 timestamp: Sat Oct 27 22:02:20 2001

You're manufacturing evil, aren't you? -Tom
No.  There is no evil here.  Only garlic. -KJ

record number: 323 recorder: protius-82 timestamp: Sat Oct 27 22:14:53 2001

Yes... I know... mongo squish garlic squisher... -Tet

record number: 324 recorder: protius-83 timestamp: Sun Oct 28 00:57:27 2001

And you would bitch like hell. -Crea
Damn right!  I don't like evil happening to /me/. -Dan

record number: 325 recorder: protius-84 timestamp: Sun Oct 28 13:38:15 2001

But you don't like potatoes. -KJ
Right! thats why he has them drawn and quartered and boiled in oil. -Dan
(on how Tom dislikes potatoes, but likes fries)

record number: 326 recorder: protius-85 timestamp: Tue Oct 30 20:53:07 2001

They taste nasty... try them. -Tom
They have no discernable flavor, other than coloring. -KJ
And that is no pink. -Tom
No, the other ones are just louder. -KJ
(on those round candy sprinkles)

record number: 327 recorder: protius-86 timestamp: Sun Nov 4 20:12:38 2001

Ka and Trixi were frightened of it, I thought they were made of sterner stuff.  -Tom
They are short people. -Dan
They would walk right under it. -KJ
No they wouldn't, its 2' 10", they would at least hit their forheads.  -Tom
(on the hole in the kitchen)

record number: 328 recorder: protius-87 timestamp: Fri Nov 9 15:23:06 2001

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, especially if someone else is carrying it. -John Baddick
(on Orblynx)

record number: 329 recorder: protius-88 timestamp: Sun Nov 11 20:23:51 2001

I'm eating my fork with a knife and bread, and soaking up blood! -Dan
(sufficiently obscure)

record number: 330 recorder: protius-89 timestamp: Mon Nov 12 00:52:20 2001

I can give you $2 and a horde of quarters.  -Tom
I don't need quarters. -KJ
I have dimes. -Tom
(on paying for dinner)

record number: 331 recorder: protius-90 timestamp: Fri Nov 16 21:12:34 2001

What can you make with ramen noodles? -Tet
What can't you make? -KJ
I build you house!  3 days! -Dan
Snort! -Tet, KJ
A noodle almost came out my nose! -Tet

record number: 332 recorder: protius-91 timestamp: Sat Nov 17 21:02:28 2001

now we stick the probe into the meat! -KJ
Goodnight everybody! -Tet

record number: 333 recorder: protius-92 timestamp: Mon Nov 19 01:46:19 2001

button: someday, technology will catch up to us.

record number: 334 recorder: protius-93 timestamp: Tue Nov 27 01:10:30 2001

button: I apologize, I meant to cut off your head. 
(the little ninja)

record number: 335 recorder: protius-94 timestamp: Wed Nov 28 22:13:16 2001

Instead of its glicky glicky glicky loop... -KJ
(on the lair's new plumbing arrangement)

record number: 336 recorder: protius-95 timestamp: Thu Nov 29 20:43:46 2001

Your lasagne seems to be ambulatory. -Tom
Excellent... restrain it, would you? -GS

record number: 337 recorder: protius-96 timestamp: Fri Nov 30 23:35:47 2001

Do you want some icecream? -GS
yea... -KJ, Tom
I'm afraid the only flavor I have to offer is Edeys Dreamery carmel toffee bar heaven. -GS
That'll do! -KJ

record number: 338 recorder: protius-97 timestamp: Sat Dec 1 22:12:11 2001

ker-wrestle *thud* -Galen, cerice
I think they hit a twinkie. -unknown
Oh no!  they killed twinkie.  -PG
No... its all right. -Chris

record number: 339 recorder: protius-98 timestamp: Mon Dec 3 22:00:38 2001

button: Humiliations Galore!
(the princess bride)

record number: 340 recorder: protius-99 timestamp: Mon Dec 3 22:52:24 2001

I've never seen the desire of a mechanical watch... they don't do anything. -Tom
Its mechanical! -GS
It dosn't remind you of peoples birthdays. -Tom
No, I've got my phone to do that. -KJ

record number: 341 recorder: protius-100 timestamp: Tue Dec 4 23:14:31 2001

Not only have you not found shoes, you have lost one of your current ones! -KJ
(on GS looking for shoes at wallyworld)

record number: 342 recorder: protius-101 timestamp: Thu Dec 6 22:53:56 2001

I can tell someone is going to be upset soon. -GS
*thooomp*! -KJ
probably me... -GS

record number: 343 recorder: protius-102 timestamp: Sat Dec 15 20:26:59 2001

Failure is insufficient!  We must make the papers! -KJ

record number: 344 recorder: protius-103 timestamp: Thu Dec 20 21:09:01 2001

Thats a hell of a crack. -KJ
No comment. -GS
Pulling up its pants won't help.  It requires... spackle. -KJ
ker-quote. -Tom
Don't write that... dammit! -KJ

record number: 345 recorder: protius-104 timestamp: Sat Dec 22 20:17:11 2001

You expect me to be weird.
Therefore, you would be disappointed if I was not weird.
Therefore, I have a licence (or am obligated) to be weird. -Tom

record number: 346 recorder: protius-105 timestamp: Wed Dec 26 23:03:22 2001

Blarp. -KJ
Are you satisfied? -GS
I am fat... -KJ
(on dinner)

record number: 347 recorder: Tet-1 timestamp: Thu Jan 11 02:54:04 2001

Thats the pinkest meat I've ever seen  -Trixi

record number: 348 recorder: Tet-2 timestamp: Thu Nov 29 20:56:19 2001

Oh you are so lucky I swallowed that!

record number: 349 recorder: Tet-3 timestamp: Fri Dec 14 21:16:35 2001

Can you pull it out?
Can you put this in?

record number: 350 recorder: Tet-4 timestamp: Thu Dec 27 18:50:21 2001

Hey, its a peace sign...-Trixi
Oh that works on so many levels
(on the shape of womens thong
underwear splayed on a circle @ the mall)

record number: 351 recorder: protius-106 timestamp: Thu Dec 27 21:47:14 2001

prink prink prink pn0i! -xydex

record number: 352 recorder: protius-107 timestamp: Sun Dec 30 00:14:35 2001

They are never that playful with me... -Tet
No... I'm just furnature. -Tom
(on Tet's ferrets)

record number: 353 recorder: protius-108 timestamp: Sun Dec 30 00:17:08 2001

This movie makes me require a pickle. -Trixi
(on Cirque Du Sole's "The Journey of Man")

record number: 354 recorder: protius-109 timestamp: Sun Dec 30 16:22:32 2001

Who in their right mind would be on IRC at 4 in the morning? -SK
... -PG, etc
Never mind I withdraw the question. -SK

record number: 355 recorder: protius-110 timestamp: Sun Dec 30 16:25:42 2001

I'll spunky your dunker!
- PandaGuy at MFF

record number: 356 recorder: protius-111 timestamp: Tue Jan 1 20:05:12 2002

Lets see what auto glass cleaner does on stoves.
It can get road grime off, however... -KJ
(on cleaning his stove, it didn't work)

record number: 357 recorder: protius-112 timestamp: Tue Jan 1 21:54:04 2002

There is some ranch dressing... -Tom
I don't have any salad for the dressing, so I will have to drink it neat. -GS

record number: 358 recorder: protius-113 timestamp: Sat Jan 5 21:34:23 2002

I'm underdressed. -GS
I'll take off my shirt if you think your underdressed. -Trixi
I'll take off your shirt.. -Tet

record number: 359 recorder: protius-114 timestamp: Sat Jan 5 21:48:37 2002

Stop doing that fucking cute stuff! -Trixi
Coooo *purr*... -Tet
Thats her job. -GS

record number: 360 recorder: protius-115 timestamp: Sat Jan 5 23:24:57 2002

*flop*... ha ha ha ha ha...
Boy am I stupid. -Trixi
ha ha ha .....
(after falling off the papasan.)

record number: 361 recorder: protius-116 timestamp: Sun Jan 6 21:58:49 2002

And now its an AT case, by hook or by crook! -Tom
Or by gnar, aparently. -GS
(on converting an ATX case to AT, with tin snips)

record number: 362 recorder: protius-117 timestamp: Mon Jan 7 23:27:57 2002

Some of the weirdest people I know don't wear fursuits. -GS
Well they should! -SK

record number: 363 recorder: protius-118 timestamp: Thu Jan 10 00:42:05 2002

Its not bad, just don't go out at night! -Trixi
(on LA)

record number: 364 recorder: protius-119 timestamp: Tue Jan 15 22:03:15 2002

Access denied! -KJ
(reviewing MS software)

record number: 365 recorder: protius-120 timestamp: Wed Jan 16 21:34:53 2002

Who wanted to borrow your air brush?  They can't borrow it, I've already borrowed it. -GS

record number: 366 recorder: galen-121 timestamp: Wed Jan 16 21:37:09 2002

AlaskanWolf: How should I make my tail?
Trixi: Crunchy

record number: 367 recorder: galen-122 timestamp: Wed Jan 16 21:37:34 2002

Protius: Do not fork my palm
(Galen was about to use a fork for a stylis)

record number: 368 recorder: galen-123 timestamp: Thu Jan 17 21:19:10 2002

I don't like probes! -Mousepaws
no comment. -GS
Anywhere! -Mousepaws
(on ford probes)

record number: 369 recorder: protius-124 timestamp: Fri Jan 18 21:49:31 2002

It's good to be the editor. -Tom

record number: 370 recorder: protius-125 timestamp: Sat Jan 19 19:11:57 2002

Its supposed to be white and fluffy, not wet and nasty! -Rich

record number: 371 recorder: protius-126 timestamp: Sat Jan 19 19:46:47 2002

And he sounded like he spoke perfect english on the phone, but when he got there he so did not. -Tango
(on a customers english)

record number: 372 recorder: protius-127 timestamp: Sat Jan 19 22:15:12 2002

Now it will sound 4 times as annoying! -Jim
(on hooking the stereo to the playstation)

record number: 373 recorder: protius-128 timestamp: Mon Jan 21 00:15:42 2002

It dosn't need eyes, thats just where they live. -GS
(On the eyeballs on the jacob's ladder)

record number: 374 recorder: Tet-5 timestamp: Sat Jan 5 18:43:17 2002

That was really fucking cute..*squick* -Trixi

record number: 375 recorder: Tet-6 timestamp: Sat Jan 5 18:48:00 2002

I always wondered about that.. I never really wanted it to go past wondering...  -Trixi

record number: 376 recorder: Tet-7 timestamp: Mon Jan 14 20:04:14 2002

Hes a sucky sort of way.

record number: 377 recorder: Tet-8 timestamp: Wed Jan 16 18:40:04 2002

That's her name?  Its got one vowel,right at the front, and five lumpy consonants after it...  Its  bad Scrabble hand, not a name. -Dave

record number: 378 recorder: protius-129 timestamp: Mon Jan 21 02:34:58 2002

You know your a geek when you pay for dinner with a CDR burner. -GS
(on Tet's cd burner)

record number: 379 recorder: protius-130 timestamp: Mon Jan 21 21:37:00 2002

I don't remember them being spotty... -KJ
(on some kreepy rolls)

record number: 380 recorder: protius-131 timestamp: Mon Jan 21 22:20:50 2002

This is an odd phenomonon.  You rub Dan's head...
its fuzzy! -KJ
... but you rub Tet's tummy... -Tom
Its round!  -KJ
Tet's head is just creepy. -KJ

record number: 381 recorder: protius-132 timestamp: Fri Jan 25 22:30:56 2002

I had a spare straw in my pocket. -Tet
Your creepy!  ahhhh -KJ

record number: 382 recorder: protius-133 timestamp: Fri Jan 25 22:36:48 2002

There is this phenomon... -Tom
do do do... -KJ, Tet
ahhh stop it! -Tet
ker-derail. -KJ

record number: 383 recorder: protius-134 timestamp: Sat Jan 26 21:16:54 2002

Thats a lot of lint. -Tom
I know, leave me alone, I'm making a nest. -KJ
ker-quote... -Tom
oh fuck... -KJ

record number: 384 recorder: Tet-9 timestamp: Mon Jan 21 21:24:40 2002

These guys are nice and beefy. -Trixi
And some are almost affordable - KJ

record number: 385 recorder: Tet-10 timestamp: Mon Jan 21 21:27:20 2002

Whatcha working on? -Tet
Why do I not believe you? - Tet
Experience. - Protius

record number: 386 recorder: Tet-11 timestamp: Fri Jan 25 17:07:47 2002

Guys don't mind sharing their bodies. -Jen

record number: 387 recorder: Tet-12 timestamp: Fri Jan 25 20:50:35 2002

Its the FreeBSD TV channel...  of course, nothing is on... -KJ

record number: 388 recorder: protius-135 timestamp: Sat Feb 2 14:02:38 2002

Or, you could disconnect the battery. -Tom
Yea but thats a pain in the butt, and there are circuit breakers... 30 amp ones... -KJ
(while installing a new brake controler)

record number: 389 recorder: protius-136 timestamp: Sat Feb 2 21:06:17 2002

most accurate description of Tet sofar:
large floppy white boy. 

record number: 390 recorder: protius-137 timestamp: Sat Feb 2 21:09:50 2002

All right KJ I've got 1100 va on my lap here. -Dan
Is that some kind of sex toy? -Trixi
mirr! -Dan

record number: 391 recorder: protius-138 timestamp: Thu Feb 7 00:11:01 2002

He's built like me...   -Rigel
Cylindrical? - 
If the shoe fits... -Crea
Are you calling him a beaker? -GS
No, because he's vial! -Rigel

record number: 392 recorder: protius-139 timestamp: Thu Feb 7 19:38:46 2002

They are bagles without holes, no you should not write that down. -KJ

record number: 393 recorder: protius-140 timestamp: Thu Feb 7 22:10:07 2002

I already know more about mpeg than I ever wanted to know. -KJ
I have not even begun to explain mpeg to you!- Tom
I know! -KJ

record number: 394 recorder: protius-141 timestamp: Sat Feb 9 00:17:36 2002

You gave me a fucking mamogram. -Trixi
Me next! Me next! -Galen

record number: 395 recorder: protius-142 timestamp: Mon Feb 18 12:38:19 2002

The problem is their interface to reality went long before they stopped cooling. -KJ
(on old fridges, but it seems more applicaple to people...)

record number: 396 recorder: protius-143 timestamp: Mon Feb 18 16:12:01 2002

Sweeping the ice and sweeping the ice, I'm a curler! -GS
(to the tune of the raccoon song, on the olympics)

record number: 397 recorder: protius-144 timestamp: Tue Feb 19 21:33:21 2002

eeee... -Trixi
Oh its just lop squeeking. -Sirfox
I'm not sure I can catagorize that as a squeek.
more of a squeal...  -Sirfox

record number: 398 recorder: protius-145 timestamp: Tue Feb 19 23:32:52 2002

I don't like you because you didn't put my thing up! -Trixi
(to Tet).

record number: 399 recorder: protius-146 timestamp: Thu Feb 21 18:15:41 2002

Come on... boot dammit, I can buildworld faster than that... -KJ

record number: 400 recorder: protius-147 timestamp: Sun Feb 24 21:31:23 2002

button: When Tet grins, evil locks its doors.
(Actually, most people would...)

record number: 401 recorder: protius-148 timestamp: Tue Feb 26 20:03:43 2002

I don't remember you buying shoes then either... -KJ
That's because you're not paying attention!  You were too busy teasing me!  -GS
Well, what else would one do? -KJ

record number: 402 recorder: protius-149 timestamp: Tue Feb 26 21:25:27 2002

The amount of sugar which can be disolved in water, with chemistry. -KJ
How about with physics? -GS
(on orbitz)

record number: 403 recorder: protius-150 timestamp: Thu Mar 7 00:23:02 2002

I'm not even paying attention, and I'm playing! -GS
(on if he had drawn a card)

record number: 404 recorder: protius-151 timestamp: Fri Mar 8 11:07:25 2002

Message from on ttyp9 at 09:54 ...

record number: 405 recorder: protius-152 timestamp: Fri Mar 8 21:35:44 2002

What is all over your hand? -Trixi
 I don't know... oh I must have bumped the eel... -Tet
(we were eating sushi)

record number: 406 recorder: protius-153 timestamp: Sun Mar 10 15:13:55 2002

Someone was just doing ballet moves accross the sidewalk. GS
Yes, I noticed that. -Galen
oh its fairy season all ready? -GS
Cough gag! -Cerise

record number: 407 recorder: protius-154 timestamp: Mon Mar 11 01:16:23 2002

I'm sorry I'm having one of those days. -GS
Why are you apologizing for evil? Have I taught you nothing? -Trixi

record number: 408 recorder: protius-155 timestamp: Mon Mar 11 01:28:54 2002

He's 14 space years, which is like 95 celsius. -Tet
(on how Anakin is underage in starwars episode 2)

record number: 409 recorder: protius-156 timestamp: Thu Mar 14 19:50:09 2002

Watch the cart bonk the car. -Tom
yea... -KJ
*bonk* -Cart
bonk. -KJ, Tom
(this has been your daily apathy)

record number: 410 recorder: protius-157 timestamp: Thu Mar 14 20:11:16 2002

milk bones... -Tom
great with nutella... or so I have been told. -KJ

record number: 411 recorder: protius-158 timestamp: Fri Mar 15 22:25:00 2002

The trinity of science:
you can tell how much god weighs, how fast he's going, or where he is. -Tet

record number: 412 recorder: protius-159 timestamp: Sun Mar 17 14:33:50 2002

ET: the royalties return. -Jim

record number: 413 recorder: protius-160 timestamp: Thu Mar 21 22:28:36 2002

oh, I forgot, we have... -KJ
*C*H*E*E*Z*E*! -KJ, Tom
(on the shaving cheese)

record number: 414 recorder: protius-161 timestamp: Fri Mar 22 11:42:29 2002

James, good buddy, good pal... -Dave
That ones broken. -James
Oh darn it... 
Doug, good buddy, good pal...  -Dave
(looking for an "unused" monitor)

record number: 415 recorder: protius-162 timestamp: Fri Mar 22 21:29:37 2002

Grapefruit is stereotypicaly difficult to eat, requiring sharp jagged spoons, and eye wear. -GS

record number: 416 recorder: protius-163 timestamp: Sat Mar 23 22:00:22 2002

I was temped to say murr, just to see who I could squick, but I could't do it! -KJ
(on the Yzma porn)

record number: 417 recorder: protius-164 timestamp: Sun Mar 24 00:15:15 2002

poing poing. - Sirfox
poing poing! - Trixi
hey! -Trixi

record number: 418 recorder: protius-165 timestamp: Sun Mar 24 00:18:25 2002

poing poing! -GS
poing... hey your not getting me again! -Trixi

record number: 419 recorder: protius-166 timestamp: Tue Apr 2 17:59:14 2002

message from syslogd@teryx at Tue Apr 2 16:13:03 2002 ...
teryx mgove: *YAWN*!

(you know your a geek when you send status messages to syslogd
(SNMP is left as an exersize for the reader))

record number: 420 recorder: protius-167 timestamp: Fri Apr 5 16:44:07 2002

Oh look, there is a green spider on my helmet.  -Tom
A very green spider. -Tom, KJ

record number: 421 recorder: protius-168 timestamp: Fri Apr 5 20:06:57 2002

My toe got stuck in the bath tub, and my wife left me againnn... -Toraneko
(on country music)

record number: 422 recorder: protius-169 timestamp: Sun Apr 7 21:20:28 2002

May gas pleezze be cheaper up by Yappy's!  I don't want to put $50 worth of gas in! -KJ
(it was in fact $45)

record number: 423 recorder: protius-170 timestamp: Tue Apr 9 23:16:13 2002

Its not the dark side!  Its just.. dim... -Herbie

record number: 424 recorder: protius-171 timestamp: Wed Apr 10 00:57:22 2002

Gentlemen, our host needs to go to bed, I think we should join him... I mean in bed... I mean... you know what I mean. -Kage 

record number: 425 recorder: protius-172 timestamp: Wed Apr 10 11:50:03 2002

4 stories of basement...
level 1: quantum physics
level 2: nuclear physics
level 3: chemestry
level 4: laundry

record number: 426 recorder: protius-173 timestamp: Wed Apr 10 23:48:20 2002

Wow... he looks even drunker because of this song. -Devin (the hobbit)
(on Mach, and KP's country music)

record number: 427 recorder: protius-174 timestamp: Thu Apr 11 00:07:34 2002

Mach!  Are you chasing the hobbit again? -KP

record number: 428 recorder: protius-175 timestamp: Thu Apr 11 18:57:25 2002

But it has skin of evil in it.  It has Riker dipped in chocolate sauce! -KP
I don't know if thats good or bad... -KJ

record number: 429 recorder: protius-176 timestamp: Fri Apr 12 12:46:13 2002

Please move forward and fill all the dead space.
If you are breathing, you are not close enough. -Disney person at haunted mansion.

record number: 430 recorder: protius-177 timestamp: Fri Apr 12 14:10:58 2002

That's a cool caterpillar... -Tom
You mean the loch ness shrubbery? -KJ
(on a topiary in tomorowland)

record number: 431 recorder: loco-1 timestamp: Sat Apr 13 19:28:43 2002

Whoo-hoo!  Corporate checkbook!  

(overheard while splitting up a pizza restaurant check for 20.)

record number: 432 recorder: protius-178 timestamp: Sat Apr 13 22:14:36 2002

I forgot (click) how much (click) I hate that (click boom) mine game. (doh) -Loco

record number: 433 recorder: protius-179 timestamp: Wed Apr 17 21:38:09 2002

I have my insurance card in my wallet.  So if it dosn't get completely saturated with blood, you should be able to read it. -GS
(While standing on a very partially assembled float)

record number: 434 recorder: protius-180 timestamp: Sat Apr 20 17:02:03 2002

Don't shoot your colleagues, or bystanders. -a game at ocean city

record number: 435 recorder: protius-181 timestamp: Thu Apr 25 21:26:32 2002

Aughhh, where did it go... -Trixi
sig-bev-fault. -KJ
(Trixi's beverage had gone missing)

record number: 436 recorder: protius-182 timestamp: Fri Apr 26 00:09:48 2002

I ain't going!  You're on your own, if your fucking insane! -Trixi
(on Tet's consitering moving into a mental institute (there is no internet access))

record number: 437 recorder: protius-183 timestamp: Fri Apr 26 20:13:33 2002

Damn top-loading hotdog buns! -Crea

record number: 438 recorder: protius-184 timestamp: Fri Apr 26 22:14:37 2002

Aaaugh, my drink was kinda wiggley. -Tet
(on drinking a fish bowl)

record number: 439 recorder: protius-185 timestamp: Sun Apr 28 22:08:42 2002

Its just like a giant gerbil. -GS
(on Kelar's dog)

record number: 440 recorder: protius-186 timestamp: Wed May 1 20:55:46 2002

Why does ketchup require so much thinking? -Trixi
Because its a vegtable, you have to do all the thinking for it. -GS
Actualy, tomatoes are a fruit...- Trixi
Regan said ketchup was a vegtable and I believe him! -GS

record number: 441 recorder: protius-187 timestamp: Fri May 3 21:17:57 2002

snort... -KJ
Don't spit on the fowl. -Tom
spit... (miss) -KJ
ker-swim... nibble. -Goose
ewww! -KJ, Tom

record number: 442 recorder: protius-188 timestamp: Mon May 6 00:05:16 2002

I kill you! -Trixi
I kill you! -Josh
squeek squeek! -Trixi

record number: 443 recorder: protius-189 timestamp: Mon May 6 00:09:47 2002

Fashion is painful.  And sticky. -Trixi
(on a butterfly sticker she had just removed)

record number: 444 recorder: protius-190 timestamp: Wed May 8 21:10:49 2002

It just died with an interesting noise. -GS
(on the death of a wall wart power supply)

record number: 445 recorder: protius-191 timestamp: Sat May 11 12:31:24 2002

I have the skill! -KJ
Well we know you don't lack in confidence. -John (of bikes at vienna)

record number: 446 recorder: Tet-13 timestamp: Sat Feb 16 20:32:22 2002

It would have to be pretty big to feel it in a car.  - Trixi

record number: 447 recorder: Tet-14 timestamp: Sat Feb 16 22:32:24 2002

Oh wow... Thats crack-a-riffic.

record number: 448 recorder: Tet-15 timestamp: Sat Feb 23 23:42:09 2002

We're going there and touching that again, aren't we? -Tet

record number: 449 recorder: Tet-16 timestamp: Sun Feb 24 22:59:12 2002

I'm going to kill him... I haven't seen it, and I'm going to kill him - Trixi

record number: 450 recorder: Tet-17 timestamp: Sat Mar 2 23:44:35 2002

Some people multitask,
I think I'm multipanicking

record number: 451 recorder: protius-192 timestamp: Tue May 14 20:43:32 2002

HA HA! -Tet
You laugh funny! -Trixi
Squeek? -Tom
shutup! -Trixi

record number: 452 recorder: protius-193 timestamp: Tue May 14 21:01:15 2002

beep... -Tet's pants
*stare*allright which of you beeped? -Tet
(he had about 4 pda's at the time)

record number: 453 recorder: protius-194 timestamp: Fri May 17 20:35:27 2002

Why do I feel normal all of  a sudden? - GS

record number: 454 recorder: protius-195 timestamp: Fri May 17 22:12:04 2002

Ha! -Alascan
oh, he's tickleish... -Kelar
Yes, He's ticklish... Get him! -GS

record number: 455 recorder: Tet-18 timestamp: Tue Jan 2 19:57:28 2001

I know where we are... We're Here!!

record number: 456 recorder: Tet-19 timestamp: Sat Jan 6 08:47:44 2001

Okay... This designer did not have boobs in mind.  -Trixi

record number: 457 recorder: protius-196 timestamp: Fri May 24 22:18:34 2002

Tell you what, I will show you the iced tea and you can add as much sugar as you want. -Kes
Buhahaha! -Dan
But not all of it! -Kes

record number: 458 recorder: protius-197 timestamp: Fri May 24 22:21:30 2002

Stop with that psychotic smile! -Kes
(to GS)

record number: 459 recorder: protius-198 timestamp: Sat May 25 09:47:56 2002

Aaaugh!  No fair! -LK
(on Dan's laser goggles)

record number: 460 recorder: protius-199 timestamp: Sat May 25 21:39:18 2002

That's got to be some pretty wired mold. -LK
(on some moldy coffee grounds)

record number: 461 recorder: protius-200 timestamp: Sun May 26 01:28:31 2002

I think I have to go to bed... but not now, it's too much effort. -Kes

record number: 462 recorder: protius-201 timestamp: Sun May 26 14:06:36 2002

Age before beauty, and you're all weird. -Kes

record number: 463 recorder: protius-202 timestamp: Sun May 26 22:01:09 2002

The beach is always working.  They try to tell you it sometimes doesn't work. -Kes
Sorry!  The waves aren't coming in right now. -GS

record number: 464 recorder: protius-203 timestamp: Tue May 28 21:49:32 2002

ker-VOP! -GS's neon mug
That was a bit brighter than I had expected... -GS

record number: 465 recorder: Tet-20 timestamp: Wed May 29 20:35:33 2002

Parf doesn't seem to care when you illuminate his nose. -Protius
(fun with laser pointers)

record number: 466 recorder: Tet-21 timestamp: Wed May 29 21:07:40 2002

We seem to have different definitions for poking holes with a sharpened duck - Tet
(do you sharpen the beak, or the crown of the head?)

record number: 467 recorder: Tet-22 timestamp: Fri May 31 20:05:27 2002

Oh she was poured into that vehicle -creature
(on a particularly obese driver)

record number: 468 recorder: protius-204 timestamp: Sat Jun 1 10:25:50 2002

We were lucky it didn't kill anyone, but it was great! -Rigel
(on a white water canyon ride)

record number: 469 recorder: protius-205 timestamp: Tue Jun 11 19:46:59 2002

Here... I'm having this urge to throw this at a duck. -KJ
I'll take that... I'm used to resisting my urges... -GS.
(on a pager at logan's road house)

record number: 470 recorder: protius-206 timestamp: Thu Jun 27 17:51:25 2002

What happened?  It went click on me! -GS

record number: 471 recorder: protius-207 timestamp: Wed Jul 3 13:33:01 2002

Sportsman's neck road... what happened to the rest of him? -Xydexx
Probably hanging on some deer's wall... -KJ

record number: 472 recorder: protius-208 timestamp: Wed Jul 3 17:31:31 2002

 My toe got stuck in the 9mm, and my wife shot me again. -KJ
(gangsta country, see Toraneko's comment)

record number: 473 recorder: protius-209 timestamp: Wed Jul 3 19:25:15 2002

 I think the bananas are done...  ohh they are getting all nasty and mutated. -Xydexx

record number: 474 recorder: protius-210 timestamp: Fri Jul 5 03:57:55 2002

I'm not that weird... -KJ
I am! -Xydexx

record number: 475 recorder: protius-211 timestamp: Fri Jul 5 04:51:48 2002

Don't do anything that we would have to explain to the paramedics. -KJ

record number: 476 recorder: protius-212 timestamp: Fri Jul 5 05:09:39 2002

No No No, thats going to make a big fwomph! -Xydexx
yes! -KJ

record number: 477 recorder: protius-213 timestamp: Fri Jul 5 10:03:21 2002

Watch this! *toss* -KJ
augh! *bolt* -Xydexx, Tom
What did you do Ray? -Xydexx
Come on, do something impressive.  Time for version 2... -KJ

record number: 478 recorder: protius-214 timestamp: Sat Jul 6 03:32:03 2002

Who has the fancy bike? -unknown
Which one? -KJ,  Tom
The recumbent one. -unknown
uh, they both are... -KJ, Tom
The yellow one? -unknown
Thats mine.... -Tom

record number: 479 recorder: protius-215 timestamp: Sat Jul 6 04:17:58 2002

They're watching tv. -KJ
How can you watch tv when there is wood to burn? -Tom
How can you watch wood, when there are tvs to burn! -KJ

record number: 480 recorder: protius-216 timestamp: Thu Jul 11 00:05:01 2002

I hate having to put out my meal. -GS
Next time, hold the flaming dish. -KJ
(on some fajitas)

record number: 481 recorder: protius-217 timestamp: Thu Jul 11 00:28:01 2002

my brain... -GS, KJ
is soft... -GS
is full... -KJ
yay!  different quote! -GS

record number: 482 recorder: protius-218 timestamp: Fri Jul 12 05:10:34 2002

Well, that would explain a few things... -Tom
I am feeling delightfully silly, this is going to be a great con! -KJ
(at the start of AC)

record number: 483 recorder: protius-219 timestamp: Fri Jul 12 21:32:31 2002

I got rested enough waiting for the elevator... -KJ
(On his arrival on the 16'th floor by way of the stairs)

record number: 484 recorder: protius-220 timestamp: Sat Jul 13 21:32:11 2002

Its been rendered harmless?  Excelent. -Tom
(on Kodian's ferret being broken...)

record number: 485 recorder: protius-221 timestamp: Sun Jul 14 01:26:23 2002

Oh... I get it now! -Alascan
How long have you... never mind... -GS

record number: 486 recorder: protius-222 timestamp: Sun Jul 14 15:22:17 2002

Brain hemorage!
I'm going to cause one of those in someone one day... -KJ
Its good to have a goal in life... -Tom

record number: 487 recorder: protius-223 timestamp: Thu Jul 18 20:56:26 2002

This is probably going to be a very bad idea... -KJ
You spill ketchup on me, your walking home. -GS
(While making a mess in Jerrys)

record number: 488 recorder: protius-224 timestamp: Fri Jul 19 23:31:29 2002

Ryannnnn!!!  its turning me onnnn!! Make it stop! -Trixi

record number: 489 recorder: protius-225 timestamp: Sun Aug 11 20:21:09 2002

squeek! -Trixi
What matter of noise is this!  you will never live this day down! -Maza
It happens all the time... squeek! -Trixi

record number: 490 recorder: protius-226 timestamp: Mon Aug 12 15:29:59 2002

Celine Deon... that high pitched squeal... -Darrel
If you need a reason not to see Titanic. -Larry

record number: 491 recorder: protius-227 timestamp: Thu Aug 15 19:44:13 2002

I know what I'm doing. -KJ
Wait, you admitted it!  write it down! -GS

record number: 492 recorder: protius-228 timestamp: Fri Aug 23 15:41:51 2002

I'm gonna get a bigger book on perl... -Tyree
(His smaller perl book failed to answer the question)

record number: 493 recorder: protius-229 timestamp: Fri Aug 23 18:19:31 2002

That dog has one hell of a goiter.
(On the sign of a poodle grooming place)

record number: 494 recorder: protius-230 timestamp: Fri Aug 23 21:22:48 2002

Cool, I can read a map dammit, yay! -Tet
(in the maize maze)

record number: 495 recorder: protius-231 timestamp: Tue Aug 27 22:53:47 2002

Your orbit would be eliptilal, and potentially quite short. -GS
(on hovering at orbital altitude, without orbital velocity)

record number: 496 recorder: protius-232 timestamp: Thu Aug 29 13:43:41 2002

Sodium pentathol... its truth jerky. -GS
(While reading ingredients)

record number: 497 recorder: protius-233 timestamp: Thu Aug 29 23:48:40 2002

Nurse! turn up my metalica! -Packrat
(on our demographic group in a nursing home)

record number: 498 recorder: protius-234 timestamp: Fri Aug 30 21:06:50 2002

The hotel's music isn't going to compete at all with the... thumping. -GS

record number: 499 recorder: protius-235 timestamp: Sat Aug 31 02:21:19 2002

Why are you memorizing my web pages? -Protius
I can't help it! -Drabek
Is it live or is it Drabek? -Packrat

record number: 500 recorder: protius-236 timestamp: Sat Aug 31 14:48:39 2002

Why would you beat up this poor innocent...-unknown
Because he's ticklish! - unknown
Help... -the poor innocent

record number: 501 recorder: protius-237 timestamp: Sat Aug 31 15:03:49 2002

Banana flavored yoohoo is incredibly hard to find. -Proti
Maybe thats why I havn't found it. -Packrat

record number: 502 recorder: protius-238 timestamp: Sat Aug 31 21:04:22 2002

Never eat anything bigger than your head. -Drabek
Unless its a burrito. -Packrat

record number: 503 recorder: protius-239 timestamp: Sun Sep 1 10:03:24 2002

I can't see that far... the sugar hasn't kicked in yet... -Quozel

record number: 504 recorder: protius-240 timestamp: Sun Sep 1 12:06:14 2002

Is anybody on staff near a diet coke? 
not unless I have to. -Oldfreek
(on MFM staff FRS channel)

record number: 505 recorder: protius-241 timestamp: Tue Sep 3 10:13:09 2002

Oh my god!  I saw Rono at mfm, and he went wheee-bleaugh. -GS
(many people were ill at mfm-6)

record number: 506 recorder: protius-242 timestamp: Thu Sep 5 20:50:13 2002

That was a successful meal. -GS
My compliments to the chemist. -BJ
(GS was cooking)

record number: 507 recorder: protius-243 timestamp: Fri Sep 6 22:12:54 2002

Big honking steak, with a potato?  Thats probably mine. -GS

record number: 508 recorder: protius-244 timestamp: Fri Sep 6 22:43:51 2002

He was reaching for a ferret, and I thought it was a shaver, but it turned out to be a phone. -Maza
Huh? -GS, BJ, Crea, Proti
Its that testicle thing again isn't it? -Crea
the balls... they haunt me... -Maza
(it was aparently a comercial)

record number: 509 recorder: protius-245 timestamp: Sun Sep 8 15:06:00 2002

I have a new goal in life, to steal an elephant. -KJ
Where would you keep it? -Tom
Your place!  No one would ever find it amongst  Dan's stuff. -KJ

record number: 510 recorder: protius-246 timestamp: Sun Sep 8 22:32:01 2002

Uh oh, he's bouncing again, we're in danger! -GS
No I'm not!  Its the coke, I never drink caffeine. -Alaskan

record number: 511 recorder: protius-247 timestamp: Wed Sep 11 19:48:15 2002

Is it good to draw a smiley face on the bottom of the drool guard with the ranch dressing? -KJ
No. -GS
Good, I ignored that urge. -KJ
(he later gave in)

record number: 512 recorder: protius-248 timestamp: Wed Sep 11 19:56:57 2002

Perhaps quake would be more relaxing? -KJ
No, I don't like hurting people... just electricuting them. -GS

record number: 513 recorder: protius-249 timestamp: Fri Sep 13 21:10:32 2002

We can't find the remote, thats why we're watching this. -Crea
Pah! You need a woman! -Candy

record number: 514 recorder: protius-250 timestamp: Sun Sep 15 19:35:01 2002

Crea broke the waitress. -Alascan
If she dosn't come back in 15 minutes... -Crea
(fun with separate bills)

record number: 515 recorder: protius-251 timestamp: Sun Sep 15 21:34:09 2002

Even the scrubbing bubbles are going eauch...poke, poke. -GS
Call Dow! we're gonna need backup! -BJ
(On a particularly creepy bathroom)

record number: 516 recorder: Tet-23 timestamp: Sat Sep 7 22:36:34 2002

Well, that was a disgruntled sip..
-Tet Dad

record number: 517 recorder: Tet-24 timestamp: Sat Sep 14 22:37:32 2002

I'm a virgin...  -Trixi
...... - Kage,Rigel,Xydexx,Tet
At the GAME!! -Trixi

record number: 518 recorder: Tet-25 timestamp: Sat Sep 14 23:24:09 2002

I need a nice juicy hermaphrodite...
Out of what depths of your soul did that one come from? - Rigel

record number: 519 recorder: Tet-26 timestamp: Wed Sep 18 19:46:56 2002

She's so much easier to tolerate as a diapered clad naked thing.  -Trixi

record number: 520 recorder: Tet-27 timestamp: Wed Sep 18 21:30:22 2002

I love you, that doesn't necessarily mean I TRUST you.  -Trixi

record number: 521 recorder: protius-252 timestamp: Fri Sep 20 21:22:10 2002

My pants are happy! -Tet
I don't know what it means, but it seems like the thing to say... -Tet

record number: 522 recorder: protius-253 timestamp: Sat Sep 21 12:13:39 2002

 We saw Alascan's good twin, behind you. -Dan
Oh my god!  good call. - Tet

record number: 523 recorder: protius-254 timestamp: Sat Sep 21 15:17:25 2002

You had to ID  to get Coors light?  I thought you only had to do that if it had alchol. -Doug

record number: 524 recorder: protius-255 timestamp: Sat Sep 21 17:15:37 2002

Beach house... -Alascan
Sounds fun. -Zen
beer... -Alascan
Sounds sorta fun. -Zen
Chicks... -GS
Well, that ruins it for me. -Zen

record number: 525 recorder: protius-256 timestamp: Tue Sep 24 11:43:16 2002

Yes sir, I'm your little bitch!  Call me a windows programer!  I'm your windows programer! -kelar

record number: 526 recorder: protius-257 timestamp: Thu Sep 26 18:03:56 2002

It wasn't me!  honest. -GS
(during a power failure)

record number: 527 recorder: protius-258 timestamp: Fri Sep 27 20:32:01 2002

Sorry for the delay, I was talking to a very disgruntled coworker, I wanted to make sure she wasn't armed... -GS

record number: 528 recorder: protius-259 timestamp: Sat Sep 28 13:49:10 2002

What are you looking for? -KJ
Robot parts! -GS
I see... -KJ
(at Bikes at Vienna)

record number: 529 recorder: protius-260 timestamp: Sun Sep 29 14:46:08 2002

Do you know what?  He's just a person putting on a costume! -kid at Gen Echo, meeting the furries

record number: 530 recorder: protius-261 timestamp: Sun Sep 29 17:32:36 2002

His intelegence just goes away when the spot is involved...  Kelar
(on Ash and lasers)

record number: 531 recorder: protius-262 timestamp: Wed Oct 2 20:46:40 2002

Its not broken?  give it time... -Kelar

record number: 532 recorder: protius-263 timestamp: Tue Oct 8 10:15:00 2002

I just thought it was an interesting way to not drop rocks everywhere.  or at least make it look like its not your fault. -Dave
(on two dump trucks full of rocks, followed by a street sweeper)

record number: 533 recorder: protius-264 timestamp: Tue Oct 8 19:54:49 2002

Duck sauce!  Rabbit sauce! -KJ
(while eating chinese)

record number: 534 recorder: protius-265 timestamp: Thu Oct 10 20:10:05 2002

I like *getting* soggy... but I don't like being soggy. -GS
(on white water canyon)

record number: 535 recorder: protius-266 timestamp: Thu Oct 10 20:59:53 2002

Cream of circular file... -Loco
(on quaker oatmeal, in the can)

record number: 536 recorder: protius-267 timestamp: Thu Oct 10 22:23:44 2002

Mold can even eat wax. -LK
Augh!  *wipe wipe wipe* -Kes

record number: 537 recorder: protius-268 timestamp: Sat Oct 12 08:57:35 2002

Pears are not a liquid. -Kes
Sure they are!  they are just a bit lumpy. -Tom
They are like a sponge, with juice suspended in it. -Loco

record number: 538 recorder: protius-269 timestamp: Sat Oct 12 09:53:50 2002

I don't know who was in there, but they were always discreet, in that really noticable way.  -GS
(on an unnamed government office)

record number: 539 recorder: protius-270 timestamp: Sat Oct 12 11:30:47 2002

Aww... I'm a party game now. -GS
He is the master of lightbulb disaster... and the entertainment -KJ
(everyone was trying to throw pennies into GS's pocket)

record number: 540 recorder: protius-271 timestamp: Sat Oct 12 15:44:41 2002

Its inconsistant, I've gotten a couple of good ones. -Tom
I've gotten a couple of good ones... all at once... ok one at a time. KJ
hauhga! -KJ
another good one? -Tom
.... yes -KJ
(while eating some wasabi peas)

record number: 541 recorder: protius-272 timestamp: Mon Oct 14 21:08:22 2002

Dan!  I have no use for this!  Do you want it? -Crea
Yes! ... what is it? -Dan
(on a random motherboard)

record number: 542 recorder: protius-273 timestamp: Wed Oct 16 12:20:41 2002

Solid stuff in my drink is *not* a feature. -Doug on orbitz

record number: 543 recorder: protius-274 timestamp: Thu Oct 17 20:07:57 2002

But, can you eat your lo-main with it? -Tom
Dunno... slurp... that was cool! -KJ
(on a mcdonalds straw)

record number: 544 recorder: protius-275 timestamp: Sat Oct 19 19:58:22 2002

I don't know if carbonated beverages are good for spiders, but I don't know what fly guts taste like either. -GS
(KJ was feeding his tree soda to a spider)

record number: 545 recorder: protius-276 timestamp: Tue Oct 22 21:22:36 2002

I'm going right and right, then right.  Right? -GS brother
Right! -GS
(directions (or at least one direction))

record number: 546 recorder: protius-277 timestamp: Wed Oct 23 21:33:30 2002

And the cat installs itself under the table. -Proti
Thats its home directory.  ~cat. -Tet

record number: 547 recorder: protius-278 timestamp: Mon Oct 28 12:43:38 2002

Well, its not what I wanted, but it'll do. -Jack
Why does that sum up the entire computer industry? -Tom
Its a feature! -Jack

record number: 548 recorder: protius-279 timestamp: Wed Oct 30 15:11:00 2002

I've never seen purple baklava... -unknown
Hey, whats the purpley stuff? - Vejaya
(on David's cooking)

record number: 549 recorder: protius-280 timestamp: Thu Oct 31 15:41:15 2002

*Pantomimes shooting himself in the head*. -Kelar
Ah, your playing with microsoft arn't you? -Proti

record number: 550 recorder: protius-281 timestamp: Thu Oct 31 22:39:18 2002

Oh my god! this always happens! and its always him!  I don't understand it. -Rigel
(on the curse of Dan)

record number: 551 recorder: protius-282 timestamp: Sun Nov 3 10:25:04 2002

Can't sleep! hiccups will eat me! -Xydexx
(on Alascan's hiccups)

record number: 552 recorder: protius-283 timestamp: Sun Nov 3 13:24:04 2002

Its very chewwy... Its like eating an old shoe.  I think I'll have some more. -Xxydex
(on turkey jerky)

record number: 553 recorder: protius-284 timestamp: Mon Nov 11 15:44:15 2002

kill me... Kill me... -Kelar
(on programing under windows)

record number: 554 recorder: protius-285 timestamp: Wed Nov 13 22:15:52 2002

They don't make 9x13 pans... all the ones I saw were like 8 3/8 by 12 7/8. Why can't I have a 9x13 pan?-GS
Because you can't have a 2x4 either. -Proti
Aww... I'm going to bed... -GS

record number: 555 recorder: protius-286 timestamp: Thu Nov 14 14:19:52 2002

It was a bad excuse, but a good reason. -Kelar
(on why he played with his new laptop, instead of going to the gym)

record number: 556 recorder: protius-287 timestamp: Sat Nov 16 09:25:25 2002

*Yoink*! -KJ
crumple... -The Pile
ahh! *catch*! -KJ
(KJ vs Dan's stuff)
what did you do to my stuff? -GS

record number: 557 recorder: protius-288 timestamp: Sun Nov 17 14:22:09 2002

I'm gonna tell Mom on you!  Took my candy... Dammit... -KJ
(on Dan putting KJ's candy in the kitchen)

record number: 558 recorder: protius-289 timestamp: Sun Nov 17 17:18:15 2002

Isn't that just the outside of the cheesecake?  Mold release, as it were? -GS
snerk! -KJ
(on the crust of a cheese cake)

record number: 559 recorder: protius-290 timestamp: Fri Nov 22 11:43:10 2002

It makes a really large I-pod-like device.-Kelar
(on his laptop full of mpegs)

record number: 560 recorder: protius-291 timestamp: Fri Nov 22 18:23:13 2002

Go down on it sparky! -Crea
... -Tet
Augh, I didn't need to see that -GS
You just missed your boyfriend going down on a breadstick. -Sirfox

record number: 561 recorder: protius-292 timestamp: Sun Nov 24 11:22:22 2002

The ones which I do on purpose are often more interesting... -GS
(on disasters)

record number: 562 recorder: protius-293 timestamp: Sun Nov 24 12:49:32 2002

I don't think you *crank* the national symphony orchistra. -KJ
(while discussing stereos)

record number: 563 recorder: protius-294 timestamp: Wed Nov 27 15:44:23 2002

I want a happy meal!  happy meal!  Happy meal!! -Kid
(overheard in Wendy's)

record number: 564 recorder: protius-295 timestamp: Sat Nov 30 15:38:41 2002

Why do you have 3 checkbooks? -Tom
Because if you have 3 banks, you have a better chance of having money. -Jim
Thats not a very good excuse is it? -Jim

record number: 565 recorder: protius-296 timestamp: Sat Nov 30 16:42:49 2002

This one is eating ketcup. -Jim
yea it is... -GS
(on some odd japanese cookies)

record number: 566 recorder: protius-297 timestamp: Sat Nov 30 19:26:52 2002

There is a sequel now?  what?  vampire hunter E? -Jon

record number: 567 recorder: protius-298 timestamp: Sat Nov 30 21:24:16 2002

Its not so much how much it needs as how much it can stand before exploding. -GS
(on xenon bulbs)

record number: 568 recorder: protius-299 timestamp: Mon Dec 2 19:32:10 2002

Which means I'm going to go bald soon. -Tet
Well, you have enough hair for a comb over... around and around and around... -GS
I have enough for a turban... -Tet
(Tet has very long hair)

record number: 569 recorder: protius-300 timestamp: Wed Dec 11 11:40:41 2002

Is my shirt on inside out?  My god you're supposed to tell me these things! -Kelar
I didn't notice... -Proti
This is the second time I've done this. -Kelar
*check* yep, mines on right. -Proti

record number: 570 recorder: protius-301 timestamp: Thu Dec 12 19:29:23 2002

well, you're easy to please... a bottle of sunkist and a place to belch, and call it a weekend. -Tet
(to Trixi)

record number: 571 recorder: protius-302 timestamp: Fri Dec 13 14:21:49 2002

Ibm is the absolute grand master of microprocessor design! -James
so your a bit happier with the ibm? -Doug
The ibm is a manly microprocessor, the ixp is a girly processor. -James

record number: 572 recorder: protius-303 timestamp: Sat Dec 14 22:29:37 2002

woah, I'm in a matte painting. -Tet
(on rivendell, while watching the lord of the rings)

record number: 573 recorder: protius-304 timestamp: Tue Dec 17 20:30:28 2002

One more! -bufflow wing guy
Shit! -Crea
I don't think they have that flavor. -Proti
(while ordering some hotwings)

record number: 574 recorder: protius-305 timestamp: Tue Dec 17 20:42:27 2002

hey, thats a good idea
we could work with that...
yay! -Trixi, Sirfox
(they had just thought of a frivilous law suit)

record number: 575 recorder: protius-306 timestamp: Wed Dec 18 12:24:52 2002

I have no idea what this pink stuff is but it is delicious. -Rob

record number: 576 recorder: protius-307 timestamp: Wed Dec 18 12:27:52 2002

I think I accidentily... tried the sauce... -James
(on flat liners hotwings)

record number: 577 recorder: protius-308 timestamp: Wed Dec 18 12:45:51 2002

Merry xmas!  A gift from Herndon, enjoy your time in the bathroom! -Tim
(on Herndon giving flat liners hotwings to Rockville)

record number: 578 recorder: protius-309 timestamp: Tue Dec 31 20:36:15 2002

You have something sticking out here... -Galen
Got any sissors? -unknown
That would be so funny out of context. -unknown

record number: 579 recorder: protius-310 timestamp: Fri Jan 3 16:27:44 2003

It could have been cool, If it didn't suck so hard. -Tom
(on DCOM)

record number: 580 recorder: protius-311 timestamp: Sat Jan 4 17:50:38 2003

The legend of Bassingstoke!  King of the suburbs! -GS
(on a street near Kelar's place)

record number: 581 recorder: protius-312 timestamp: Sun Jan 5 00:41:38 2003

Sit down! -Galen
I am! -Exile
On the couch. -Galen
I am! -Exile
On Galen! -GS

record number: 582 recorder: protius-313 timestamp: Thu Jan 9 19:32:28 2003

It will be green in a month. -KJ
yea, I'm ok with green. -Pro
but it'll be an evil green. -KJ
yea... -Pro
never mind... -KJ
best kind. -Pro

record number: 583 recorder: protius-314 timestamp: Thu Jan 9 21:06:40 2003

Am I fuzzy enough for you!? -GS
Yes. -KJ
ker-quote! -Proti
Curses!  thats twice today.  Better shut up... -KJ

record number: 584 recorder: protius-315 timestamp: Fri Jan 10 13:01:21 2003

hummm! -Tet
What? -Pro
Something was really tasty.  I should have identified it before I ate it. -Tet

record number: 585 recorder: protius-316 timestamp: Fri Jan 10 13:12:25 2003

Big plates means few trips. -Tet
(on a buffet)

record number: 586 recorder: protius-317 timestamp: Mon Jan 13 15:08:53 2003

Oh no... God no... -Kelar
you ole'd it didn't you. -Proti
I wish I could tell it to stop... -Kelar
(the userfriendliness of windows)

record number: 587 recorder: protius-318 timestamp: Fri Jan 17 20:28:49 2003

Iwannadonut!  Canahavadonut!? -KJ
Yes, you can have a donut. -GS
yay... -KJ

record number: 588 recorder: protius-319 timestamp: Sat Jan 18 18:49:29 2003

Theres a couch? -Iberian
Wow theres a couch... -unknown2
(on Tango's apartment)

record number: 589 recorder: protius-320 timestamp: Sat Jan 18 19:36:20 2003

There is a noodle on your matrix. -Ed
... your right...-Andrew

record number: 590 recorder: protius-321 timestamp: Sun Jan 19 02:03:42 2003

That was a dreadful movie, yet strangely entertaining. -Pro
(on "Turbulance")

record number: 591 recorder: protius-322 timestamp: Thu Jan 23 02:59:07 2003

wheeee... -unknown
(on the limozine from the hotel to FC)

record number: 592 recorder: protius-323 timestamp: Thu Jan 23 16:46:04 2003

comotose lamma! -unknown
(at Denny's, attempting to speak spanish)

record number: 593 recorder: protius-324 timestamp: Fri Jan 24 15:50:31 2003

I'd give you a hug, but I have a bagel. -GS

record number: 594 recorder: protius-325 timestamp: Sat Jan 25 22:48:24 2003

wow!!! -suedeer
deep breaths... just sit back and let the endorphins hit you. -Sirfox
(on wasabe)

record number: 595 recorder: protius-326 timestamp: Sat Jan 25 22:56:40 2003

Its like theres a party in my mouth, and the police came! -Sirfox
But were they wearing baby blue riot helmets? -unknown
Leather. -Sirfox
(on wasabe)

record number: 596 recorder: protius-327 timestamp: Sun Jan 26 00:03:41 2003

specticles, testicles, wallet,  and badge. -Sirfox
(on return to FC)

record number: 597 recorder: protius-328 timestamp: Mon Jan 27 00:53:17 2003

Did you guys know there was a football game today? -unknown
(on superbowl sunday)

record number: 598 recorder: protius-329 timestamp: Thu Jan 30 20:03:26 2003

I want my mirlot back... -Cerise
you will have to suck it out of his jeans. -Graysoul
... come here... -Cerise
(Cerise's wine had been spilled)

record number: 599 recorder: protius-330 timestamp: Wed Feb 5 20:17:08 2003

I want the demo version...-GS
(on costco office furnature)

record number: 600 recorder: protius-331 timestamp: Thu Feb 6 20:24:16 2003

Doug was just showing me the 240 system calls of linux.  Sounds like the title of a horror movie... -Tom

record number: 601 recorder: protius-332 timestamp: Thu Feb 13 10:27:51 2003

oh god of linux, please come lay your hands on my linux box and make it speak! -Eric
(this was only one stanza, and he really was on his knees)

record number: 602 recorder: protius-333 timestamp: Fri Feb 14 19:56:44 2003

ooh, a big comfy chair! -Proti
I'l be the judge of that.  *sit* ... yep. -KJ

record number: 603 recorder: protius-334 timestamp: Wed Feb 26 19:13:03 2003

This keyboard is a bit sticky. -Helgi
... -GS, Rigel, Xydexx

record number: 604 recorder: protius-335 timestamp: Wed Feb 26 19:33:15 2003

Its so cute and happy and *horrible*! -Xydexx
(on happy tree friends)

record number: 605 recorder: protius-336 timestamp: Fri Feb 28 20:06:55 2003

No... But you can watch me be a mad scientist with my 20 cubic centimeters. -GS
(on his pain killers)

record number: 606 recorder: protius-337 timestamp: Fri Feb 28 20:26:15 2003

are you 16? -Liza
yea, I'm 16... 16 to the 3'rd power... -GS
(he was feeling old)

record number: 607 recorder: protius-338 timestamp: Sat Mar 1 21:49:57 2003

Someone said "did you know there was a football game today", on superbowl sunday. -Proti
Is that today? -unknown

record number: 608 recorder: protius-339 timestamp: Sat Mar 1 22:48:48 2003

Anyone want the volume up? -Oryx
Why?  Its not like we can understand them anyway.. -Kelar
Ok... anyone want the brightness up? -Oryx
(on Sholin Soccar (subtitled))

record number: 609 recorder: protius-340 timestamp: Sun Mar 2 20:41:05 2003

I can't take 2 people's miso in the same day... but he can take it. -Oryx

record number: 610 recorder: protius-341 timestamp: Sun Mar 2 20:55:07 2003

Bugs bunny is as legit as foo dogs or something. -Proti
Some people believe the president protects them. -GS
(on wards guarding things)

record number: 611 recorder: protius-342 timestamp: Tue Mar 4 16:38:17 2003

If you get that working, I'l be able to use xml to control solitare. -Kelar
(on 1 gig ethernet)

record number: 612 recorder: protius-343 timestamp: Wed Mar 5 00:07:17 2003

Arn't geek toys neat?  Can't do /that/ with a football! -Tet
(on Dan's kalidiscope)

record number: 613 recorder: protius-344 timestamp: Tue Mar 11 23:08:33 2003

Physics is giving me Kelar-paw. -Deneb
(on repetative motion injuries)

record number: 614 recorder: protius-345 timestamp: Wed Mar 12 20:18:45 2003

Ooh! an ampersand!  my life is complete! -Rigel
(on Galen's finding chars on Protius's binary clock)

record number: 615 recorder: protius-346 timestamp: Sat Mar 15 02:11:22 2003

You can't do that in asp. -Tet's cow orker
You have attained a clue.  It dosn't /have/ to hurt. -GS

record number: 616 recorder: protius-347 timestamp: Thu Mar 20 18:43:07 2003

I'm glad they waited until wednesday, I'd have been pissed if they had interupted the Dune miniseries. -Tet
(on George W.'s "war")

record number: 617 recorder: protius-348 timestamp: Sat Mar 22 14:21:54 2003

a hamster in a chicken suit.  Cool! -KJ
(on one of those dancing hamster things).

record number: 618 recorder: protius-349 timestamp: Sat Mar 22 19:06:54 2003

Those clever church signs never fail to ... -GS
nausiate? -Proti
yes, nausiate me. -GS
(on a sign which read: this is a ch--ch. whats missing?)

record number: 619 recorder: protius-350 timestamp: Sat Mar 22 19:14:54 2003

Do not drink and talk to Tet.  Its bad for your computer. -KJ

record number: 620 recorder: protius-351 timestamp: Sun Mar 23 17:31:05 2003

Its been a long day... getting longer by the minute. -GS

record number: 621 recorder: protius-352 timestamp: Wed Mar 26 14:11:04 2003

My brain is tired, and these chairs are comffier. -James
(on where to hold a meeting: fooz room or conferance room)

record number: 622 recorder: protius-353 timestamp: Fri Mar 28 23:54:59 2003

If I tried to polish brass while I was cooking spagetii, I'd go insane. -Deneb
That would be difficult to explain to the insurance people. -Proti
well, its a blessing and a curse sometimes... -Deneb
(they both make a really nifty squirming toroid.)

record number: 623 recorder: protius-354 timestamp: Thu Apr 3 20:27:51 2003

Get out of my underwear... -Trixi
(to Tet)

record number: 624 recorder: protius-355 timestamp: Fri Apr 4 20:31:46 2003

its bad!  its bad with a capital *eaugh*! -Tet
I can't believe I wasted bandwidth on this. -Tet
(on "the core")

record number: 625 recorder: protius-356 timestamp: Tue Apr 8 18:01:35 2003

After our third joint, we stopped seeing pink monkies, and moved onto giraffes, and they seemed pretty honest. -Kelar
(on simulation validation)

record number: 626 recorder: protius-357 timestamp: Sat Apr 12 12:44:26 2003

It looks like a portajohn. -unknown
(on the back of the shell at sweet adelines cometition)

record number: 627 recorder: protius-358 timestamp: Tue Apr 15 17:20:13 2003

I can breathe!  and the trees are still screwing! -KJ
(on claritan)

record number: 628 recorder: protius-359 timestamp: Sat Apr 19 15:24:05 2003

The couch is eating me. -Chillymouse
(crea's squishy couch)

record number: 629 recorder: protius-360 timestamp: Sat Apr 19 17:03:14 2003

He used to be really thin,  but now he's got tits! -Zen
(on alascan's weight)

record number: 630 recorder: protius-361 timestamp: Sat Apr 19 17:21:02 2003

Color-species, and 4 hours in the oven.
What is this?
oh, you will love this, its korean.
(on cooking a black cat which had wandered by)

record number: 631 recorder: protius-362 timestamp: Sat Apr 19 17:28:43 2003

I just had an urge to start putting cat skeletons in trees. -KJ

record number: 632 recorder: protius-363 timestamp: Sat Apr 19 18:02:12 2003

It opens up the... ssinuses... -Snowy
(snorting tobasco)

record number: 633 recorder: protius-364 timestamp: Sat Apr 19 18:53:45 2003

Its official!  I can feel my tongue again. -Snowy 
(recovering from trying some "you can't handle this sauce" hot sauce)

record number: 634 recorder: protius-365 timestamp: Sun Apr 20 11:54:54 2003

do you have a cdrh variance for that shirt? -Proti
Thats a horrible shirt.  But that's you. -Wolfus
(on Zen's ... colorful ... shirt)

record number: 635 recorder: protius-366 timestamp: Wed Apr 23 10:18:41 2003

oh!  the sun, it burns! -Dave
(during a fire drill, outside)

record number: 636 recorder: protius-367 timestamp: Fri Apr 25 18:37:49 2003

well there is a skunk tail in there, so it must be the right place. -TJ

record number: 637 recorder: protius-368 timestamp: Sat Apr 26 08:29:07 2003

they have a news paper called whoot. -Xydexx
But its with an h. -Rigel
free whoot... -?

record number: 638 recorder: protius-369 timestamp: Sat Apr 26 08:50:58 2003

Its supposed to be a safety wistle -Jbadger
Look at me!  I'm choking on my wistle -Xydexx
tweet tweet! -Rigel

record number: 639 recorder: protius-370 timestamp: Sat Apr 26 09:49:25 2003

The lion is getting more yellow. -Rigel
my zippers stuck, my zippers stuck! -Xydexx
(on needing to go to the bathroom in suit)

record number: 640 recorder: protius-371 timestamp: Sat Apr 26 12:47:59 2003

Oh look, we just hit a giant weasel. -Rigel
its coming right for us! -GS
don't stop! -Rigel
(mejeep was jumping arround in the road)

record number: 641 recorder: protius-372 timestamp: Sat Apr 26 17:01:04 2003

You guys over at the chinese... -?
Yea? -PG
When you get the fortune cookies, read them over the FRS. -?

record number: 642 recorder: protius-373 timestamp: Sat Apr 26 17:11:59 2003

Don't go in the chatter box!  don't go in the chatterbox!  go accross the street and go into the chinese! -Snow
(over frs, to a group coming for dinner)

record number: 643 recorder: protius-374 timestamp: Sat Apr 26 19:34:38 2003

let me see your gay japanese shirt... -alascan
my god, this things huge! -Alascan
(on Zen's shirt)

record number: 644 recorder: protius-375 timestamp: Sat Apr 26 22:51:06 2003

Is it 24 inches?- Snow
... - everyone
the pants!  the pants! -Snow

record number: 645 recorder: protius-376 timestamp: Sun Apr 27 10:24:42 2003

yes? -resteraunt person
1 million...  no 10. -Rigel
wish you had told me that earlier. -resteraunt person

record number: 646 recorder: protius-377 timestamp: Sun Apr 27 10:45:10 2003

ahem!  no porno at the table- GS
... -Jomama, Alascan, ?

record number: 647 recorder: protius-378 timestamp: Sun Apr 27 11:39:32 2003

I'll put mine in here, and get it greasy. -maximus
(on having 2 ez passes, and putting 1 in a potato chip bag, to keep it from getting read)

record number: 648 recorder: protius-379 timestamp: Fri May 2 19:36:59 2003

It looks like they shampooed the dog into oblivion, then teesed it so every strand of fur was perpendicular. -Proti
It looks like it used to be a husky. -GS
(on a dog pictured on a bottle of dog shampoo)

record number: 649 recorder: protius-380 timestamp: Sat May 3 08:17:18 2003

It looks... bigger! -Xydexx
(on the protibasement)

record number: 650 recorder: protius-381 timestamp: Sat May 3 12:17:10 2003

Come here KJ, its time for your nipple persing! -Xydexx
He's not innocent!  He did it! -KJ

record number: 651 recorder: protius-382 timestamp: Sun May 4 10:54:15 2003

are you ok dan? -Zen
I'm trying not to throw up... -Dan
I'l move then... -Zen
(after the volcano)

record number: 652 recorder: protius-383 timestamp: Sun May 11 12:12:02 2003

spoons... -KJ
10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife? -Proti
*count* yep theres 10,000 spoons there. -KJ
(at costco)

record number: 653 recorder: protius-384 timestamp: Sun May 11 12:14:30 2003

we want to go, we want to go, we want to go... -2 kids in unison
(at costco)

record number: 654 recorder: protius-385 timestamp: Sun May 11 19:53:34 2003

dip... -GS, KJ
sip? -Proti
I love ranch... -KJ, GS
get off my brainwave! -GS
zesty italian, zesty italian. -KJ
(on GS's cheese dip)

record number: 655 recorder: protius-386 timestamp: Tue May 13 21:05:16 2003

They have a variety of pez dispensers. -GS
Eeyore! -Crea
I'm so depressed... have some candy... -GS

record number: 656 recorder: protius-387 timestamp: Fri May 16 11:22:52 2003

Its neat! -Dave
It is? -Tom
Makes you want to hit control-C though. -Dave
(on some test output)

record number: 657 recorder: protius-388 timestamp: Fri May 16 21:52:58 2003

That'l be fun to play with... mind if I borrow it for quite a while? -Kelar
(on GS's digitizer)

record number: 658 recorder: protius-389 timestamp: Sat May 17 23:03:55 2003

Wait... Don't tell me.  E-bay? -Kelar
(on Mousepaw's hazmat suit)

record number: 659 recorder: protius-390 timestamp: Sun May 18 14:37:38 2003

They are unicycles with 4 wheels. -KJ
(on suzuki samari, they tip over easy)

record number: 660 recorder: protius-391 timestamp: Wed May 21 19:43:39 2003

This one looks sufficient... For A Sex Toy! -KJ
Right... -Proti
lemme guess, you didn't want to hear those words in a hardware store? -KJ

record number: 661 recorder: protius-392 timestamp: Sat May 31 21:49:54 2003

Give it to me, just don't stick it there. -Snow
(on a candy wrapper)

record number: 662 recorder: protius-393 timestamp: Sat May 31 22:26:14 2003

you know the meaning of pinecone?  He started it. -GS
Its not my fault. -KJ
Yes it is! -Everyone
Its not my fault everyone's sheep... -KJ
He's writing... -Max
just ignore him, he'll go away. -KJ

record number: 663 recorder: protius-394 timestamp: Sun Jun 1 17:05:22 2003

It had 4 settings... -Proti
11, 12, 13, 14. -GS
this one starts at 11... -KJ
(on the X1 aircraft)

record number: 664 recorder: protius-395 timestamp: Sun Jun 1 17:28:05 2003

Beethoven wants out... -Proti
... and this time he's pissed -KJ
featuring Arnold Schwartinager... "I'll be Bach!" -Proti
(on the speaker room of a circuit city wired to use all the speakers at once)

record number: 665 recorder: protius-396 timestamp: Sat Jun 7 19:47:02 2003

now these are old school, except possibly for the happy part. -Proti
oh god! -KJ
(on a metal dust pan, with a smileyface)

record number: 666 recorder: protius-397 timestamp: Thu Jun 12 20:23:50 2003

And whenever I feel bad about myself, I'll put on my hat, and go scream at some recruits, and then I'll feel better about myself... HAHAHAHA! -Deneb
(on being upgraded to drill sergant)

record number: 667 recorder: protius-398 timestamp: Sat Jun 28 08:57:58 2003

It hurts. -Cerice
well, turn it off. -GS
I still hear it. -Cerise
(on a horrible song)

record number: 668 recorder: protius-399 timestamp: Sat Jul 5 18:07:52 2003

oh... this fan got stuck on my butt, and it feels GREAT. -Zen

record number: 669 recorder: protius-400 timestamp: Sat Jul 5 18:30:36 2003

Why do I always miss these things? -Trixi
Because your drawing?-Tango
We can edit you in later. -PG

record number: 670 recorder: protius-401 timestamp: Sat Jul 5 21:03:47 2003

please don't spill my tea... I'd hate to have to kill you and drink your blood to make up for it. -Tet 
ker-quote! -Proti
Dammit! -Tet
(to Alascan)

record number: 671 recorder: protius-402 timestamp: Sat Jul 12 17:13:10 2003

oh, a hearse for sale.  but it's white; they are supposed to be black. -Proti
maybe it's a wedding hearse. -Kelar
that is wrong in so many ways... -Proti

record number: 672 recorder: protius-403 timestamp: Sat Jul 12 20:38:17 2003

ha! -KJ
optimist. -Proti
scrantch! -The door
grrr... I will just hit it harder. -KJ
(while attempting to fix the basement door)

record number: 673 recorder: protius-404 timestamp: Sun Jul 13 16:49:36 2003

Here's a dead sewing machine!  and here's full bottle of oil!  Dunno whats wrong with it... -GS

record number: 674 recorder: protius-405 timestamp: Fri Jul 18 09:43:40 2003

you have funny feet. -Rakhan
no.. no I don't. -KJ
oh, you're right, it must be me. -Rakhan
(on KJ's woody costume feet)

record number: 675 recorder: protius-406 timestamp: Fri Jul 18 21:41:27 2003

We have protius here, who knows about all this new stuff, and can tell you how it works, but hates it all. -Zen

record number: 676 recorder: protius-407 timestamp: Fri Jul 18 23:23:27 2003

I'm not hibrinating!  I'm drunk!  -MW
(on the "no hibrinating" sign at AC)
(Yes it was spelled that way)

record number: 677 recorder: protius-408 timestamp: Sat Jul 19 15:18:13 2003

He's been trying to draw a cat, and they keep looking like dogs. -Proti
Can you draw a cat? -Kelar
They do look like dogs... -Deneb
Shutup! -Kelar

record number: 678 recorder: protius-409 timestamp: Sat Jul 19 16:33:30 2003

Are you still trying to draw cats? -Proti
No!  I've given up on cats. -Kelar
Screw the cats! -John
Thats the idea... -Packrat

record number: 679 recorder: protius-410 timestamp: Sun Jul 20 00:10:59 2003

So, when are you planning to become awake? -Deneb
Shortly after when I do... -Proti

record number: 680 recorder: protius-411 timestamp: Wed Jul 23 20:54:08 2003

xydexx could say lightbulb, and its instantly hilarious. -Trixi
lightbulb... -Xydexx
heeee... -Trixi

record number: 681 recorder: protius-412 timestamp: Wed Jul 23 21:25:32 2003

Like I said, I don't mind random women falling into your lap! -Trixi
(to Tet)

record number: 682 recorder: protius-413 timestamp: Fri Jul 25 15:21:04 2003

Well, you know what to do, theres a shovel there, start burying those results. -Dave
I was figuring I would use the shovel to smash my skull in. -Tom
at least your positive. -Dave
(on some experimental procedure errors)

record number: 683 recorder: protius-414 timestamp: Wed Aug 6 11:18:32 2003

I'm getting the vague impression that you're easy to screw. -Doug
(to Dave, on his lousy luck)

record number: 684 recorder: protius-415 timestamp: Wed Aug 6 19:07:15 2003

Lick the moosie for me! -KJ
No. -GS, Proti
(Mousepaws was passing through)

record number: 685 recorder: protius-416 timestamp: Sun Aug 10 11:37:55 2003

I should caulk this... -Proti
Haven't you used enough caulk today?  You have an addiction! -KJ
I can stop any time I want to! -Proti
(house work gone wrong)

record number: 686 recorder: protius-416 timestamp: Wed Aug 13 11:35:45 2003

But IT thinks everyone is a fish, and no one needs a bicyle. -Tommy
(on NAI's IT dept's denial of cygwin on COE boxes)

record number: 687 recorder: protius-417 timestamp: Sun Aug 17 10:25:42 2003

you got your hair cut. -Galen
I got all of them cut.  and you know why... -Kage
yes I do.  Lice. -Galen
whap! -Kage

record number: 688 recorder: protius-418 timestamp: Sun Aug 17 16:01:42 2003

What I didn't mention was that mine was full of piss! -Sue Deer
mmm aaah! (opening his mouth to catch it)-KJ
Ew!  I didn't know you were one of those! -Sue Deer
(on a squirt gun)

record number: 689 recorder: protius-419 timestamp: Sun Aug 17 17:15:31 2003

belly button hunt... -Xydexx
No poking. -Rigel
I can't find it.  You must have lost it in the river... -Xydexx

record number: 690 recorder: protius-421 timestamp: Wed Aug 20 12:36:15 2003

You will find termites in your dog! -Dave
(while eating a fortune cookie)

record number: 691 recorder: protius-422 timestamp: Mon Aug 25 13:12:38 2003

Oh... I got that too.  Theres a name for it?  -Jon (not PG)
(on Asperger's)

record number: 692 recorder: protius-423 timestamp: Thu Aug 28 11:22:03 2003

My mom knows about it, but thinks of it as a mystical force which she can't understand, and its just really fucking scarey. -Kelar
(on google)

record number: 693 recorder: protius-424 timestamp: Thu Aug 28 16:55:46 2003

I'm happy now.  Have computer. -Kelar

record number: 694 recorder: protius-425 timestamp: Fri Aug 29 11:29:14 2003

shall we mosy? -Zen
yea... -Proti
Because our loitering here is just not working,we need to be somewhere where its pissing people off. -Zen

record number: 695 recorder: protius-426 timestamp: Fri Aug 29 14:15:37 2003

They have fried ocra. -Proti
oh ahhh ahhhh! -Kelar
(Kelar likes ocra)

record number: 696 recorder: protius-427 timestamp: Sat Aug 30 14:10:49 2003

If you have a panel, and nobody shows up, did it happen? -Loriana

record number: 697 recorder: protius-428 timestamp: Sat Aug 30 18:21:25 2003

Are these things yours? -Bearcat
yea... -Proti
They seem like something you would have. -Bearcat
(on astrojacks)

record number: 698 recorder: protius-429 timestamp: Sun Aug 31 23:18:48 2003

Your head is throbbing with blood! -?
Has it stopped yet? -Kelar

record number: 699 recorder: protius-430 timestamp: Tue Sep 2 19:00:10 2003

oh, neet!
*squeeeeeeek*. -Proti
chalkboards, chalkboards, chalkboards, you're driving me sane! -BJ
(playing with a styrofoam cup)

record number: 700 recorder: protius-431 timestamp: Fri Sep 5 20:08:54 2003

Badger badger badger badger mushrooooom!  mushroom! -Xydexx
This is a pinecone thing isn't it? -GS
yes. -KJ

record number: 701 recorder: protius-432 timestamp: Tue Sep 9 16:47:15 2003

Security just gets in my way, and I want to just turn it all off. -James
Bad security researcher!  *bop* Bad security researcher! -Doug

record number: 702 recorder: protius-433 timestamp: Sun Sep 21 15:22:41 2003

I'm not getting arrested with you Snowy! -Zen

record number: 703 recorder: protius-434 timestamp: Fri Sep 26 17:43:31 2003

Perl is not pass by value. -Doug
Its not pass by value, its pass by Eaughhh.- Tom
(on perl)

record number: 704 recorder: protius-435 timestamp: Sat Sep 27 15:32:30 2003

Don't worry KJ, they broke the mold when they made you.  Maybe during. -GS
I'm voting during. -KJ
(while looking at pottery molds at the super flea)

record number: 705 recorder: protius-436 timestamp: Sat Sep 27 18:47:39 2003

They just had a motor sitting there, you just buy one and build your vehicle around it.  Except mine would be a hovercraft... but anyway... -GS

record number: 706 recorder: protius-437 timestamp: Sun Sep 28 15:10:58 2003

Pot Kettle Choir. -KJ
(after the usual traffic rant)

record number: 707 recorder: protius-438 timestamp: Fri Oct 3 17:16:47 2003

Its like using an RC car to drag a bufflow up a hill.  Its just not quick. -Dave
(on MS SQL server)

record number: 708 recorder: protius-439 timestamp: Mon Oct 6 14:18:15 2003

Criminal use of an OS dosn't count. -Tom
Why not?! -Steve, James
Statute of limitations... -Steve
(while pondering how many OS's we had personaly used (steve won, with a bit over 100))

record number: 709 recorder: protius-440 timestamp: Sun Oct 12 19:34:16 2003

Did you ever manage to break a lego? -GS
The more interesting pieces, yes, but not the ansi standard 1 by 2 brick. -KJ
Yes, they take quite a bit of force, quite a bit of black powder... -GS

record number: 710 recorder: protius-441 timestamp: Fri Oct 17 11:27:48 2003

It involves a baseball bat, and lots of screaming. -Dave
(on how to QA MS windows)

record number: 711 recorder: protius-442 timestamp: Sun Oct 19 20:07:22 2003

So, how was today? -GS
Very relaxing, except for the screaming parts. -Fox in Boots
(on a trip to King's Dominion, Fox in Boots is not a rollercoaster fan)

record number: 712 recorder: protius-443 timestamp: Mon Oct 20 10:20:11 2003

There are these bears that are like porcelin, only they arn't really, and they are doing distasteful things.
If you can think of anything distasteful, there is a bear doing that.  Its like I would never thought of that unless I had seen a little bear doing that... But a bear in a cat suit is a stretch. -James

record number: 713 recorder: protius-444 timestamp: Fri Oct 31 12:53:16 2003

See, It gets worse! -Dave
(on just about anything)

record number: 714 recorder: protius-445 timestamp: Sat Nov 8 14:02:14 2003

Yes, I joined their merry cult.... -Xydexx
(on the usual recumbents)

record number: 715 recorder: protius-446 timestamp: Fri Nov 14 19:12:38 2003

I know this is going to distort the sound, but thats ok, because MY EARS ARE CLIPPING! -Doug
(on putting his fingers in his ears while listening to audiophile stereos)

record number: 716 recorder: protius-447 timestamp: Sat Nov 29 11:07:30 2003

So leave a message on my phone... ah crap, can't hang up while... *click* -Tango
(in a message left on my phone)

record number: 717 recorder: protius-448 timestamp: Tue Dec 2 22:00:34 2003

Its a forkupine. -KJ
Augh.... -GS
somebody said something! -SK-1
(on the tray of forks at cheap chinese)

record number: 718 recorder: protius-449 timestamp: Sat Dec 6 22:27:09 2003

Cygna rocks... except they screw me all the time... -Dave
(on health insurance)

record number: 719 recorder: protius-450 timestamp: Wed Dec 10 22:26:45 2003

Of course they're pretty!  They are the crown jewels!  - unknown
(while watching "My Hero")

record number: 720 recorder: protius-451 timestamp: Sat Dec 13 12:02:09 2003

I am Anna Lto. I can do 428 wafers/shift.
ensure boats are properly seated on forks, or quartz breakage will occur.
(mysterious sign on a mysterious device at a surplus auction.)

record number: 721 recorder: protius-452 timestamp: Sat Dec 13 14:00:55 2003

lets see... Nikon something or other... $10 $10 $10! -auctionier
(vt surplus auction)

record number: 722 recorder: protius-453 timestamp: Sat Dec 13 21:02:35 2003

How many black Jews do you know? -Cynthia
You're Jewish? -unknown
Sit down. -Cynthia

record number: 723 recorder: protius-454 timestamp: Sat Dec 13 22:54:33 2003

No he he he no! he ow, I kicked myself in the head! -Oz
don't sit on me! -Oz

record number: 724 recorder: protius-455 timestamp: Sat Dec 13 23:13:08 2003

Hey, the wicks come out... Wicked! -Cerise
You are going to die...  But first you are going to make me a long island iced tea.  -pink

record number: 725 recorder: protius-456 timestamp: Sun Dec 14 14:51:40 2003

Don't put my hand where you don't want me to grab. -Cynthia
(to Cerise)

record number: 726 recorder: protius-457 timestamp: Fri Dec 19 18:39:32 2003

That looks like a sonogram of somebody's something or other... -Dave
(on a graph of a webshield's performance (the backwards matrix diagram))

record number: 727 recorder: protius-458 timestamp: Thu Jan 1 13:03:38 2004

Theres my squeeky dragon. -Proti
hmm. *squeek* YES! - KJ
(the dragon is a bike horn)

record number: 728 recorder: protius-459 timestamp: Fri Jan 2 19:44:12 2004

Smile! -Trixi
*grin* -Rigel
no, really smile! -Trixi
*GRIN* -Rigel
please stop smiling... -Trixi

record number: 729 recorder: protius-460 timestamp: Fri Jan 2 22:39:51 2004

Why did you do that? - unknown
Because it was funny! -Tet
(while making a pointless move, playing grave robbers from outer space)

record number: 730 recorder: protius-461 timestamp: Fri Jan 2 22:44:13 2004

Tet: What was the quote this time?

Trixi: Meeeeeeeee!

record number: 731 recorder: protius-462 timestamp: Fri Jan 2 23:29:34 2004

Hey!  Out of the chips(to a ferret)! -Galen
(turning to Rigel) Want some doritos? -Galen

record number: 732 recorder: protius-463 timestamp: Sat Jan 3 21:28:17 2004

So, arguibly these burgers are $35 each. -Proti
I don't think we need to include the price of the toilet paper. -KJ
Well, eventually... but it should be amortized. -Proti
Thats just not right... -KJ.

record number: 733 recorder: protius-464 timestamp: Thu Jan 8 13:47:38 2004

The system just went down, but I blame them, because nothing I did could have caused it! -Dave
(just after a kernel install)

record number: 734 recorder: protius-465 timestamp: Fri Jan 9 15:14:57 2004

Oh thats right, I keep missing a wonderful opertunity to be annoying! -Dave

record number: 735 recorder: protius-466 timestamp: Tue Jan 13 13:27:05 2004

Hey they have a liquor licence, they can't be all bad! -anonymous by request

record number: 736 recorder: protius-467 timestamp: Thu Jan 15 13:58:26 2004

Its the cruise of slow death! -Dave
(while making too many sinking boat metaphors at work)

record number: 737 recorder: protius-468 timestamp: Sat Jan 24 13:12:26 2004

Feel this tire... -Proti
Thats not a tire. -KJ
Its a cover for your tube? -Proti
It keeps the tube on the wheel. -KJ
(it was /really/ thin)

record number: 738 recorder: protius-469 timestamp: Sat Jan 24 20:15:14 2004

Command> help
help file open failed (hfile)
Invalid command.  Use 'help ' for assistance.
(said an insane terminal server)

record number: 739 recorder: protius-470 timestamp: Fri Jan 30 23:58:04 2004

Why was Goz walking on the water? -Proti
Because she's cool! -KJ
(on Invader Zim episode, The Wettening)

record number: 740 recorder: protius-471 timestamp: Sun Feb 1 18:16:24 2004

You're dangerously bored arn't you? -Proti
No.. what gave you that idea? -KJ
"what gave you that idea, the blubbing noises"? -Proti
I'm not blubbing. -KJ
here, have some blue ones. -Proti
oooh! -KJ
(while fiddling with some velcro cable straps)

record number: 741 recorder: protius-472 timestamp: Sun Feb 1 19:23:47 2004

Theres garlic in... -KJ
*fit*  -KJ, Proti
get off my brainwave! -Proti
(on noting that the tomatos on the menus lined up)

record number: 742 recorder: protius-473 timestamp: Fri Feb 6 18:42:42 2004

What do you need?  I have numbers! -Johnny
How about a last name? -Checkin person

record number: 743 recorder: protius-474 timestamp: Tue Feb 10 21:16:24 2004

I wonder if John bookmarked the quotes file...  Hi John! -KJ
(mention this quote to Matt for a free bicycle purchase)

record number: 744 recorder: protius-475 timestamp: Sat Feb 14 11:51:36 2004

Oh look!  An airpump!  *Ker-swipe* -Xydexx

record number: 745 recorder: protius-476 timestamp: Sat Feb 14 23:19:41 2004

This is for when you just don't feel like designing an output stage.  You throw an opamp at it.  Hard.  -GS
(on a 10 watt opamp)

record number: 746 recorder: protius-477 timestamp: Sun Feb 15 23:54:33 2004

550!  wooh you could heat your house with that!  Probably will... -GS
(on Proti's new power supply)

record number: 747 recorder: protius-478 timestamp: Sun Feb 22 18:30:53 2004

Do you have a calculator? -KJ
yea, its down stairs... -Proti
Not RPN!  -KJ
uh... no. -Proti

record number: 748 recorder: protius-479 timestamp: Thu Mar 11 22:19:09 2004

If you are finished scanning, touch finish to pay. - Walmart self checkout
shutup! -Lady

record number: 749 recorder: protius-480 timestamp: Tue Mar 16 16:57:27 2004

Stupid people pay the bills. -Matt
(on working at an anti-virus company)

record number: 750 recorder: protius-481 timestamp: Sat Mar 20 19:03:36 2004

What the fuck's a bistro? -KJ
I believe a bistro is where you get your pesto chipotle on panini, with a latte. -Proti

record number: 751 recorder: protius-482 timestamp: Sat Mar 27 18:49:59 2004

..get down!  I wanna get down!  I wanna get down!  I wanna get doown!  I wanna ... -Kid at Costco
(repeated continuously)

record number: 752 recorder: protius-483 timestamp: Sat Mar 27 20:38:25 2004

You must agitate him with yours somehow, and I want to know what you do, because I want to agitate him too. -Kelar
(on TJ's key chain, and Ash)

record number: 753 recorder: protius-484 timestamp: Thu Apr 1 21:28:43 2004

The question is... ker-scrape... -KJ
you didn't need that lens... -Proti
No. -KJ, Proti
(trying clip-on sunglasses)

record number: 754 recorder: protius-485 timestamp: Sat Apr 24 22:11:45 2004

My god!  Its green and orange! -GS
(on Kelar's phone)

record number: 755 recorder: protius-486 timestamp: Sat May 1 13:50:39 2004

What flavor is that? -Zen
Yellow.  They didn't have green. -Neo
what flavor is yellow? -Crea

record number: 756 recorder: protius-487 timestamp: Sun May 2 12:24:40 2004

I did not throw up on a puppy. -KJ
(context on this one would make it far less bizzare)

record number: 757 recorder: protius-488 timestamp: Sun May 2 16:00:06 2004

He licked my knee.  I don't know if it was on purpose, or it just dragged by. -KJ
You were the victim of a drive-by licking. -Crea
(discussing Ash)

record number: 758 recorder: protius-489 timestamp: Mon May 3 19:54:22 2004

Do ziplocks really cause that much difficulty? -Proti
Remember that whole yellow and blue make green thing?  That was too complicated. -GS

record number: 759 recorder: protius-490 timestamp: Wed May 19 11:25:46 2004

I don't know what the doctor said... Something technical... -Vijaya's grandfather
(said a technical person)

record number: 760 recorder: protius-491 timestamp: Sat May 29 16:08:04 2004

I'll have to wait for the chair to recharge... -TJcoyote
(on static electricity)

record number: 761 recorder: protius-492 timestamp: Sun May 30 22:11:55 2004

Are humans superlumenal? -Proti
No... not transparent enough... -GS
(can humans lase?  Isn't that what a laserist would do?)

record number: 762 recorder: protius-493 timestamp: Mon May 31 19:13:11 2004

What if SQUIRELS broke in to steal the VACUUM CLEANER? -Dave
(harrassing Ash)

record number: 763 recorder: protius-494 timestamp: Mon May 31 19:36:37 2004

Its not so much cocky as we are that good. -Doug
(on playing fooz ball 1 handed)

record number: 764 recorder: protius-495 timestamp: Sun Jun 6 22:42:37 2004

I blame You. -Proti
I am innocent!   He is annoying but not worth killing. -KJ
(KJ had been accused of poking Spongebob Squarepants eyes out)

record number: 765 recorder: protius-496 timestamp: Fri Jun 11 21:04:34 2004

You see, in Texas they have dry heat, and its horrible too. -unknown
(overheard at lunch)

record number: 766 recorder: protius-497 timestamp: Fri Jun 11 21:32:10 2004

Oh a spool full of coax makes the RF go down... -Linda