1/20 FPS imagery of the cookout

This was shot at 1 frame every 20 seconds with a canon D-something and then scaled down. intervalometer.mkv

Additional imagery is at the 20150525 entry of my raw images.

Charles' 90 FPS imagery

Images are links to directories of the frames.

Charles' camera was a raspberry pi camera module running at 90 fps with a rolling shutter. So you can see the exciting bit sort of roll by over two or three frames.

My 60 FPS imagery

Multiple frames were pointless... Images are links to full-res image. (This was not during the cookout.)

My camera was a cion running at 60 fps with a 180 degree shutter. So 1/120 second exposure and then nothing for 1/120 second. Thus the first and third images have the arc, but the middle one missed the arc and shows only the fireball.