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This is the Rapid T. Rabbit show, produced by Richard Concepcion. Copyright 2002 Richard Concepcion.

MPEG conversion by Tommy Johnson, 2001-2009

Episode 512: January 7, 2004, Orange Alertness, Olympic Pins, "Monster Garage" TV Clip

Episode 513: January 21, 2004, Rupert interviews "Meatloaf"

Episode 514: Febuary 4, 2004, Remembering Bob Keashen as "Captain Kangaroo", Jasper T. Jowels on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"

Episode 515: Febuary 18, 2004, The 21'st Anniversary Show

Episode 516: March 10, 2004, Mejeep Reviews "Avenue Q", St. Patrick's for all press city hall press conference & parade

Episode 517: March 25, 2004, DooDah East Luncheon with Larry Storch, The Rupert Poll, TV Clip "The Foxbusters"

Episode 518: April 8, 2004, Pree-Easter Rabbit Finds

Episode 519: April 28, 2004, Co-hosted by Nick Rhabbit, Easter Parade with Scruff E. Coyote

Episode 520: May 19, 2004, RETAKE Pyro meets Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, Subway 100th Anniversary, 23 St. Station Views

Episode 521: May 26, 2004, Park Interview with Max Skunk

Episode 522: June 10, 2004, Big Bird phone commencement chat, NY Stupid Minute, Fire Marshall Tiger, Clever Contradiction - Time Warner blank page

Episode 523: June 23, 2004, Cuppy first appearance 20'th anniversary (from RTR 53), Music Video - Chuck E. Cheese "Be My Friend", Clever Contradiction - "For Rant" sign in Rego Park

Episode 524: July 28, 2004, Anthocon 2004 Appearances & Andy Fox Interview

Episode 525: August 18, 2004, NY Worlds Fair During/After Slideshow, Music Video-Gigi D'Agostino "The Riddle" with Tenderheart Bear

Episode 526: September 8, 2004, Video-"George, The Texican", Long Island Ducks Mascot Dodgeball Game

Episode 527: September 2, 2004, Mascot Movie Update (Louella Snugglebunny on phone from Toronto), Music Video-Vole Show Frog & Spamtones "The Liar Sleeps Tonight"

Episode 528: Oct 13, 2004, Rocket Park at Flushing Meadows, Arts for Transin - 23 Street Station Hats

Episode 529: October 27, 2004, Haloween Howl, Cartoon - "MegaMan and the Pompous Robots"

Episode 530: November 10, 2004, Stony Brook University Trick or Treat Mascot Night

Episode 531: December 9, 2004, Pasadena DooDah Parade with Coast-to-Coast Critters

Episode 532: December 22, 2004, Interviewing SantaClaus in Hollywood, Madison Square Tree Lighting Ceremony, Petco Wallingfor CT Tree of Hope Event with New England Fursuiters

Episode ocdd2004: April unknown, 2004, Ocean City NJ DooDah Parade 2004


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