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This is the Rapid T. Rabbit show, produced by Richard Concepcion. Copyright 2002 Richard Concepcion.

MPEG conversion by Tommy Johnson, 2001-2009

Episode 359: January 6, 1997, First Night NY 1997, ???

Episode 360: January 20, 1997, Kaiju-Con, ChuckE "Live" stickup, MNN News ???? NYPL

Episode 361: Febuary 3, 1997, Life with Louella "Big Chief Little Hourse", Tenderheard video ???

Episode 362: Febuary 17, 1997, 14'th anniversary Show

Episode 363: March 10, 1997, County Tyrone Bagpipe Band at Hoboken St. Patrick's Parade

Episode 364: March 24, 1997, Cloning Around for Easter

Episode 365: April 7, 1997, A very Hoppy Easter Parade

Episode 366: unknown , 1997, Thadius Fox presents a pile of comics

Episode 367: unknown , 1997, Ikon convention, model rocketry

Episode 368: unknown , 1997, Easter Egg Roll, at the whitehouse 1997

Episode 369: April 19, 1997, The 12'th Annual Ocean City NJ DooDah Parade (OCDD-12)

Episode 371: July 28, 1997, Duckon 5 Furry Variety Show

Episode 372: August 8, 1997, Life with Lowella "Dragon Slayers", RC Coon Tours several famous Central Park Statues, Cartoon

Episode 374: August 25, 1997, (very difficult to read) Cbyda Video "I Can Say Vere Beutiful", Creny Bones with Dbe Gantron CC Photo-Video Team, Phbarmic + Furwing at Central Park

Episode 375: September 8, 1997, (very difficult to read) V Closing, TV Toons news, Disneyland Duty, Rupert interviews Daffy Duck, Clear Cart Pub Spagetle, NY State Fair Parade

Episode 376: September 22, 1997, The 15'th Annual Amherst MA Teddy Bear Rally, with Tenderheart Bear of the Care Bears.

Episode 377: October 6, 1997, Clyde W. Holstien, Guest Hosting from Central Park, Dedication of Totally Kid Carousel at Riverbank St. Park. Life with Lowella "Hose-Head"

Episode 378: October 27, 1997, ToppCat for Mayor, Haunted House, Life with Lowella "Parallel Universe"

Episode 379: November 10, 1997, NYC Marathon Backdrop, Village Halloween Parade

Episode 380: December 8, 1997, 21'st Annual Pasadena Ca. DooDah Parade

Episode 381: December 22, 1997, Classic Chuck Winchow Village Tenderheart Bear "Greatest Gift", Sid Carolls Citiwum Station, RC Christmas Tree (Sorry, couldn't quite read the slate)


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